Ambassador Sarah Field Making a Difference in Denver

Ambassadors are the heart and soul of SheJumps. We rely on this special group of girafficorns to help us deliver our programs and bring the stoke to their local communities. We recently had a chance to catch up with Sara Crofton, our Denver area ambassador, who was willing to give us a glimpse into volunteer life. By trade, Sara is a hard working high school culinary arts and nutrition/food science teacher who also runs a student organization and culinary competition team. Crofton stepped into the ambassador role after being an active volunteer in Colorado and we are thrilled that she made the move!

How has becoming an ambassador taken your SJ game to the “next level”
I feel more connected to the community at large. By being an ambassador, I can see how what I am doing directly impacts other women. By organizing events and seeing the results, I am able to get that tangible feedback of how powerful SheJumps is.

What has been a few of your favorite events that you have put together for SJ?
I loved the yoga retreat earlier this summer. Having 20 rad ladies get together to advance their technical practice but also to self-reflect and really delve into the mental aspect was incredible. One of my favorites, though, was my first big event when I was a volunteer about 5 years ago. I put on a showing of Pretty Faces in Fort Collins when it first came out, and it was a hugely successful and fun event. That really solidified my love for SheJumps and my desire to become involved in a bigger way.

What advice do you have for someone who may want to become an ambassador or what type of person do you think would make a great SJ team member?
If you are interested, just make sure that you are 100% committed. This organization is so phenomenal and needs dedicated team members who believe in our work and are willing to help us expand our reach. The more committed you are, the more successful we are as a whole.

What are some SJ events coming up that you are looking forward to?
I’m pumped for the coming winter season! Avy 2 courses, International Women’s Ski Day, etc. YAY SNOW!

And a few fun questions…What’s next on your adventure to do list?
I’m going to Zion for some mud season playing! But first, Burning Man.

What is one of your favorite pieces of summer gear?
I’m obsessed with my Gossamer Gear pack – ultralight, functional, durable.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a SheJumps Ambassador? Applications are open through Sep 23, 2018. If you are interested in submitting an application please visiting the appropriate link:

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