Alex Spychalsky

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Alexandra Spychalsky is a ski racing coach and freelance writer living in Truckee, CA. Originally from New York, she left a career in journalism to pursue mountain life, and now she can’t imagine returning to a city life at sea level.

As the head coach for the youngest age group of a ski racing team, Alexandra feels a commitment to getting kids, and especially young girls, hyped on skiing and the outdoors, and she is excited to extend her reach in that goal with SheJumps.

When Alexandra found out about SheJumps, she wished she had access to such an organization when she was younger. Growing up in New York, she did not have much exposure to a variety of outdoors sports. And as an adult, when she did try new things, like rock climbing, she found it intimidating to break in as a newbie in a testosterone-heavy environment. Since moving to California, she has realized how influential women-lead outdoors groups can be. Alexandra recently discovered a love of mountain biking, and has seen her greatest progression in the sport come during women-only clinics and events. That’s why she knows SheJumps is an essential part of growing the outdoors community. She sees it as the perfect entryway for women to discover and progress in this world, and she can not wait to be a part of growing the outdoors sisterhood.