Alicia Monahan

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Growing up in Richmond, VA, the outdoors always appealed to me, and I spent more time outside than in. From creeks, to the woods, building forts and climbing trees, the world was a playground, and that has not changed. I started rock climbing, kayaking, and backpacking at a young age, and in high school, started working for the Boy Scouts of America at a high adventure camp. I became a whitewater raft guide on the New River Gorge, WV in college, and never stopped climbing, paddling, caving, backpacking, mountain biking, riverboarding, and SUP.

I am now a mother to two wonderfully adventurous boys, and work full-time as a career Firefighter/Paramedic in my home county, and volunteer in Search & Rescue and am training my K9’s for SAR. Between kids and K9’s, I still make time for adventure, and could not do it all without my amazing boyfriend by my side…he kind of digs adventure too! Ha!

In the past, most of my adventures included my guy friends, as it’s often difficult to find women who enjoy being in the outdoors, and pushing their limits. When I came across SheJumps, I was so excited, and totally on board with the mission. I am looking forward to planning some awesome events, and meeting lots of new women who also view the world as a playground. There are many lessons to be learned about ourselves, and many of the answers are found outside, beyond our comfort zone. What better place to find oneself, and be oneself, than surrounded by supportive women? Yay SheJumps!