Anna Twohig

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I started out as a volunteer and then an Ambassador for SheJumps for several years. As my life and career evolved during my time with SheJumps, I’ve been able to redirect my volunteer efforts towards helping with national fundraising, grant writing, and mentoring local Ambassadors instead. I’m honored and excited to continue being a part of the SheJumps Team because I’m helping create opportunities and environments where young girls and women can learn a new skill, take a risk, build confidence, and learn a lot about themselves – all while succeeding in the outdoors. These no-fail settings where women have the support, encouragement, and mentorship of other strong women – that’s where the magic happens. I personally didn’t have a lot of those types of opportunities as a kid but I can make sure my nieces and other girls do, and that’s what fuels me.

My outdoor passions include alpine and backcountry skiing, mountain biking, and exploring the lakes and rivers of the Pacific Northwest on my SUP with my adventure Puggle. My personal and professional passions include nonprofit fundraising and volunteering of all kinds (girls and women, volleyball, mountain biking, etc.), reading, grant writing, and coffee.