April Webster

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I was an incredibly lucky kid. Growing up my backyard encompassed the mountains, forests, rivers and lakes surrounding the small town of Hope, British Columbia. My parents slapped wooden boards on my feet when I was finally able to walk, and carted me from mountain to mountain when I started ski racing. In the summers I had free rein to go adventuring on my bike (not a moose as my hilarious American friends would like to believe) with the instruction ‘be home by dinner.’ I’ve since relocated to the SF Bay area for a job as a software engineer. While my backyard might be a tad more urban now, I’ve still managed to find plenty of opportunities for adventure – skiing, road biking, trail running, hiking, and windsurfing.

I’m really excited to become a member of the SheJumps team! As an Ambassador in California, I hope to spread the SheJumps stoke to the Bay area and help build a local outdoor community that supports, inspires and provides opportunities for other girls and women to get outside and find adventures in their own backyard. Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge or a bit of inspiration or…a sighting of the infamous Girafficorn…to take the jump. Hope to see you outside!