Christie Greiner-Shelton

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Growing up in Washington state, spending time outdoors was an integral part of my life. I rekindled my love and passion for the outdoors after college when I graduated from Mountain School with the Spokane Mountaineers. This incredible experience fueled my desire for a strong outdoor community- one that provides educational opportunities, challenges you while inspiring you, and provides you with an amazing group of friends. I have moved around a bit that past 5 years, before settling in Bozeman, MT. While I was in Boise, ID I participated various SheJumps activities and experienced the community I was searching for. This motivated me to be a part of this awesome organization, knowing how imperative outdoor education is for women – and am so excited to be able to be an Ambassador! I love hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, biking, skiing, SUP with my pup, photography and cooking. I am always up for new adventures, and look forward to learning new skills and meeting inspiring women.