Elise Moran

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I grew up in Wisconsin, where nature is everywhere but the mountains are…not. Snowboarding has been a passion of mine since I was 9, so it was no surprise that I craved something more than the Midwestern ski “hills” I had grown accustomed to. So, once I entered college I immediately immersed myself into the ski club and was eventually put in charge of the student ski trips. In this role, I was lucky enough to spend college breaks in amazing ski destinations all around the country. Let’s just say, my love and longing for the mountains grew into a full-on obsession. As a result, I made my move out to Portland, OR soon after graduation. My hobbies of snowboarding, cycling, running, and hiking quickly evolved into backcountry touring, mountain biking, trail running and backpacking. Trust me, I know that it can be intimidating to try new things – especially difficult, male-dominated things. But I hope that my experiences can help to encourage and empower other girls to take that leap – jump right in. The outdoors is waiting for them and I can’t wait to see what they find out there 🙂