Elise Trauscht

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Email: elise@shejumps.org

Elise, who’s from a small town outside of Chicago, was first introduced to SheJumps at Pretty Faces showing in Salt Lake City. SheJumps had organized the event and so she got to meet many of the women in the organization – and they made a big impression! That’s what triggered her decision to get involved. In 2014, Elise stepped up and became one of our Winter Ambassadors, where she started setting up some great events for the women of Utah and has met a lot of incredible friends along the journey. We are thrilled to have Elise jumping into the role as Regional Coordinator in 2015, where she’ll continue to bring her passion for the outdoors to the women of Utah!

When Elise isn’t busy creating opportunities for women to go outside through SheJumps, you can find her enjoying the outdoors herself! She loves climbing, skiing, hiking, running, biking, and doing anything else that will get her outside. What fuels her? Elise loves “seeing other women doing incredible and brave things in life” – this all started by watching and learning from her mom and having her dad encourage her by telling her she could do anything!