Hailey Leonardson

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Email: hleonardson@shejumps.org

In 2016, I attended my first SheJumps event, Alpine Finishing School! I was hooked on the organization, the possibility to grow with them and, introduce other females to the same opportunities. Since then, I have volunteered at a couple Wild Skills events, participated in a SheJumps Avy 1 course, and Get the Girls Out at Beartooth Basin.

Bozeman, Montana has been my home for 6 years. Since I have lived here, I’ve been introduced to backcountry snowboarding, climbing, fishing and so much more!

Trying new things is one of my favorite hobbies. I recently found a passion for whitewater rafting! It’s exciting, challenging and rewarding. This winter will be my third year of snowboard instructing at Big Sky Resort. My next goal is to learn how to ski proficiently. Let’s try something new together!