Hannah Karn

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Growing up in the beautiful playground that is Colorado, I have spent my life exploring and pushing myself in the outdoors. I spent my childhood skiing, hiking and camping with my family on the weekends and being outside quickly became my passion and where I felt the most comfortable. I attended college at Colorado State University where I aimed to turn my passion for the outdoors into a lifestyle and career; I wanted to spend more time than just my weekends outside. This was about the same time that I was introduced to SheJumps and I wanted to do anything I could to become involved with the organization. A couple years later SheJumps came to CSU as a student organization and I had the opportunity to serve as club president for two years. During my time at CSU and with the organization, I was lucky to meet so many incredible individuals who introduced me to new sports like rock climbing and sea kayaking, and others that supported and explored with me while I was learning to take my skiing into the backcountry. I have always loved the community and opportunity for mentorship that SheJumps provides to women and girls, encouraging and supporting them in trying new things and improving their skill sets. In my move from Colorado to Bozeman, Montana I want to continue introducing SheJumps to more women and girls, and to provide opportunities for the community to come together around our mission!