Holly Carlson

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I have always been a little bit adventurous and up for new challenges. And for as long as I can remember have felt most at peace and at ease when out in the woods, in the mountains, on the water. My defining moment of becoming a true adventure seeker, however, was after I survived a life-threatening cancer at 20 years old. After that, I decided life was too short not to add some bigger things to my bucket list. I wanted to not just learn, but be able-bodied at snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking, and mountaineering. After graduating college I moved out to Seattle, WA for just that reason.

I was fortunate enough to meet a really great group of women (and guys!) who had very similar goals and we made it happen…together! I gained a true passion, testing my limits in the great outdoors with the camaraderie of like-minded friends. Once I met my husband Drew, who was an avid cyclist, we added triathlons and running into the mix. We have since settled down quite a bit, moved to Richmond, VA, and have focused more of our attention raising our 2 young kids, Sydney and Conner. We are still active and involved in many outdoor activities, but a bit more “kid-friendly.” Sydney is a gutsy, up-for-anything 9 year old girl, and I am so happy to be able to share some cool activities with her now. She is always up for new adventures, loves rock climbing, swimming in the river, hiking, and is a bit of an adrenaline junky herself (wonder where she gets that from?). I am excited to foster and nurture that in her, while also teaching her how to do things safely.

The SheJumps mission “to increase female participation in outdoor activities” is my dream for her. That is why I became a “jumper.” I look forward to participating as an ambassador in RVA and get more women and girls out there with us!