Katelyn Spradley

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Katelyn Spradley


Email: kspradley@shejumps.org

Originating from the great state of Texas with athletic roots in soccer and rodeo, I couldn’t stay away from the mountains for long. I started guiding on Colorado 14ers as soon as I finished high school and have been progressively moving north and west ever since, seeking more human-powered adventure in mountains. With an undergraduate degree in Animal Science and a Masters degree in Sport Management, it usually becomes clear to people pretty quick that I have a wide array of interests and a peek into my garage will confirm that. If it involves getting out into the mountains, I’m stoked on it and you can find me splitboarding, climbing, mountain biking, fly-fishing, rafting, kayaking, running, and riding horses at various times throughout the year. When I’m not playing outside or traveling, I like to bake things with lots of sugar, play with my dog Avy, and make crafty things with power tools.

I am beyond excited to join the SheJumps team and help spread the love of outdoor sports with women! There can very real barriers, self-imposed or not, to making that first step into finding your passion in the outdoors and I can’t wait to help more ladies knock down those intimidating factors, find community, and GET OUT THERE! There is so much to be said about the power of connecting with nature and pushing yourself to new heights in the outdoors. I knew I had to be a part of the SheJumps team from the first time I heard “girafficorn + dance parties” and I am so pumped to connect with like-minded women in the gorgeous outdoor playground of Idaho!