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Email: katie.adams@shejumps.org

Kate joined the SheJumps team in 2014 when she became one of our Northeast Regional Coordinators, based out of Vermont. She spends her winters skiing as many days as possible, and then hiking mountain peaks every Sunday during the off season. This fits well with her passion in training and competing in the NE Rando Race Series! Kate hopes to ski more mountains and hone her backcountry skills in the coming years. When she’s not in the outdoors, you can find her working diligently in one of her businesses. She co-founded a wood pellet manufacturing company and started a country radio station, and she managed four political campaigns to boot. Kate also has spent time in ballet, dance, ice hockey, and yoga!

“I was totally drawn in by last winter’s She Jumps ski days in Mass and VT. I thrive on skiing the mountains, especially with the new SheJumps skier, snowshoer, and uphill skier friends I met at the SheJumps events. My zest for life comes from my ardor for the mountains. I bag a peak every Sunday with a core group of friends, all year round.”