Kelly Drewnowski

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Kelly, a native Virginian who calls Richmond her home, first got involved with SheJumps in 2014. She discovered the organization through social media and reached out to get involved. Since then, she’s been a whirlwind of productivity! Kelly signed on as an Ambassador later that year and has set up an impressive number of events in a new area of the country for our organization. So, we were thrilled that she accepted the role of Regional Coordinator in 2015 – there’s no telling what her positive attitude and love of the outdoors will do for our region!

When Kelly isn’t hard at work creating opportunities for women to get involved in the outdoors, patrolling ski slopes, developing websites, or taking care of her son & husband, you can find her enjoying time outside with family & friends! Her true passion is skiing, but when the weather warms up, you can also find her biking, boating, wakeboarding, hiking, or doing just about anything else that’ll get her in nature.

So what drew Kelly to SheJumps? “One of my favorite quotes is: ‘A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it… it just blooms.’ – Unknown. I would love to help other women bloom and SheJumps is the perfect forum. I’m really looking forward to creating safe, fun and unintimidating environments for women to gain confidence and exposure to new sports and activities. Hopefully we can lay the groundwork for them to become passionate about these endeavors and encourage them to share their new love with others. Inspiring women to live their best life, be their best self and enjoy each and every day, without competition, distractions or negativity, is my ultimate goal while working with SheJumps.”