Kira Puntenney-Desmond

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I grew up feeling most at home where there were trees to be explored, rocks to be climbed, or rivers to be played in. Now as an adult, the outdoors has become where I find my most rewarding challenges as well as my most beautiful moments and most joyous successes. It is also where I have found the most incredible people who have opened doors to new adventures and sports – whether that be kayaking, skiing, cycle touring, hiking to remote places, or just being outside. I am so grateful for all those who have been mentors to me and for the opportunities that have grown my confidence and identity in the outdoors.

Through SheJumps, I have connected with an incredible, growing network of rad females of all ages who are there to be that mentor, as well as an adventure buddy, an instigator, a new friend, or a supportive force. I am honored to become an Ambassador for a group that promotes such inclusivity, encouragement, and infectious stoke to get ladies and young girls out in the outdoors. I am a Colorado native and have returned to my roots back living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain headwaters that inspired my career as a hydrologist.