Landon Figg

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Ironically, I found SheJumps through my husband! After a little research I found out that my good friend had recently become the Ambassador for my area. Naturally, I had to get involved!

As a child I was always outside with the neighborhood children-building forts by the creek, catching salamanders, and generally being outside until dark. Most notably though was my parents’ passion for skiing. They took me to the Homestead when I was only 2 and put me on skis. There the fire ignited. I learned from the Austrian instructors as my family went to the Homestead every weekend of my entire childhood! I began teaching skiing at age 15. I burned through many pairs of gloves on the rope tow teaching children to ski.

While in school at UVA working on an Environmental Science degree I taught skiing at Wintergreen, making lifelong friends and learning so much about the ski industry. After college, I moved to Breckenridge, CO to teach. I was in heaven! Although family eventually called me back east, I knew that I was most alive and at peace outside. I ended up at Snowshoe so that I could be close to home but still work in the outdoor industry. I switched gears there and joined Ski Patrol (they paid better!) and became an EMT/firefighter for the resort. After a few years, my passion for helping others grew and I became a Paramedic. I had hopes for going to DO school nearby, but life happened and we moved to the NC coast where I worked in a fire department.

Now a mother of a super-outdoorsy little boy who also loves to ski, camp, and play in the ocean, we are fortunate to be able to spend as much time at the beach in the summer as we do in the mountains in the winter.

I’m really looking forward to helping women live more intentionally by creating safe, fun and unintimidating environments where they can broaden their horizons or hone their skills in the outdoors.

I’m so excited to work with SheJumps and inspire women of all ages to get out there!