Laraine Martin

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Laraine was raised to love the outdoors along the lakeshore of West Michigan, her toes pressing gleeful patterns in the sand dunes and finding footholds in the best climbing trees. She glimpsed the Rocky Mountains on skis as a teenager and was hooked by their grandeur. She vowed to make them her home as soon as her incurable wanderlust would allow for a ‘home’ at all. Taking a circuitous route to get there, she lived in a mud hut in West Africa, unloaded medical supply planes on a remote airstrip in South Sudan, taste-tested her way through all the cheese in France, slept face-down next to her laptop in the grad student haunts of the University of Denver, and finally tumbled head over heels in love with Steamboat Springs, in Northwest Colorado.

In Steamboat, Laraine runs with a community of women who excel at fixing bikes, tying flies, dropping steep powder lines, climbing through the crux, and digging deep for that last burst of uphill energy. It is in the wild outdoors that she has learned to feel most at peace and most uplifted by pure and unadulterated joy. She now sees the act of pushing physical and mental limits as one of life’s most revealing pursuits.

Laraine came to know and love SheJumps while attending Alpine Finishing School in the Selkirk Range of British Columbia in early 2017. The spirit and drive of the women around her (coupled with the epic glaciated terrain that surrounded the lodge) was an inspiration beyond belief.

She looks forward to representing the Girafficorn across her home of Northwest Colorado and beyond, encouraging women and girls to become hooked on outdoor adventuring while feeling more confident and self-sufficient in the mountains, loving life, and respecting this great Earth we call home.