Leanne Thompson

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I was raised in the mountains of Colorado, so my love of the outdoors began at a very early age. After going to college for mechanical engineering, I landed a job in the outdoor industry in Utah. I am very lucky that my day job and my hobbies are the same thing. I get to design outdoor equipment for work and then I get to go use that gear for fun. You can most often find me rock climbing, backcountry skiing, trail running, or ice climbing. While those are my favorite activities, any time spent outside makes me happy. Although I miss Colorado, Utah has become my home and absolutely love it here. Living near mountains AND the desert is so much fun!

I volunteered at my first SheJumps event just a few months after moving to Utah and have been involved ever since! Growing up in the outdoors impacted me positively in so many ways, so it is important to me that I share outdoor opportunities with others. I also had amazing mentors in the sports I do and I enjoy getting to pass that knowledge on. Being an ambassador for SheJumps gives me to opportunity to do both for a large range of girls and women!