Liv Halfen

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Originally from Germany, Liv made her way to the PNW by way of Tennesse. Liv didn’t grow up in an adventurous family, but once introduced to the magic that is the outdoors after college, there was no turning back for her. She fell hard and fast. She is the most alive in the outdoors and therefore committed to enabling others to feel the same. Fostering that love has driven her to spend a couple of seasons playing a ski bum in the Alps, to live in a barn so she could devote all non-working hours playing in the “adult Disneyland” that is the Gorge and ultimately positioned her to be keen to jump on any adventure presented to her.

When she’s not playing the role of a Producer at her day job, she’s touring up Mt. Hood, trying her hand at kiteboarding in the Columbia, mountain biking her favorite trails in Hood River, or plotting her next trip.

She’s a raving mad advocate for changing the paradigm and as the Oregon Regional Coordinator, she is most excited to support girls who are interested in getting out there to snag a taste of that elusive magic and ultimately figuring out what adventure means to them.

“Life is short and it’s meant to be lived in the most adventurous way possible.”