Lori Tuskey

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I was born, raised and never left Richmond, Virginia. The city and state offer so many opportunities to get outside and be active. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the Appalachian Mountains visiting my grandparents. We would occasionally go for a “walk” up the mountain behind the house. I was also lucky enough to spend a lot of my summers on the Rappahannock River swimming, boating, and fishing.

When I was a PE major in college I learned that people rock climbed, whitewater rafted and kayaked all along the James River. I thought that those activities were something you did out west. The James is 15 minutes from my house! It was eye opening! Since college I have dabbled in a lot of outdoor adventure sports from kayaking to climbing. I am a beginner in all areas, but I am always up for an adventure and I am always looking for someone to come try something new with me.

It is exciting to be an ambassador of SheJumps and helping young girls and women get outside and be active. I have two daughters of my own and the women of SheJumps are great role models for them. I love bringing my girls to events and seeing them try new things and push their boundaries.