Megan Davin

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Megan Davin is an outdoorist. She has been working in the outdoor industry for 10+ years. Megan loves mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and truck camping adventures with her dog. It was in 2012 when Megan Davin answered the call to become an online-volunteer for SheJumps. Since then, she has written countless blogs, created and attended many events, shared the stoke to dozens if not at least a hundred women, and been through several transitions within the organization. In her own words, “I love SheJumps because it finally gave me the confidence I had been lacking for years to really pursue my dreams within the outdoors. I’ve gotten to connect with so many wonderful women from all around the world.”

For Megan, SheJumps had always been a way to connect and share her stoke of the outdoor with others. Some of her best friends have come thanks to SheJumps and events. She is an active member of her community promoting women in the outdoors, as well as sustainability. After growing up in both suburban Massachusetts and New Jersey, she fled to the mountains of Vermont. After 10 years in Vermont, decided that change was necessary and picked up and moved to Colorado, and then just over a year later to Utah, where she is today.