Monique Hoisington

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Originally from Washington State, where my passion for exploring the great outdoors began. From an early age I dreamed of climbing the peaks in the North Cascades. My first experience skiing was with my older brother and his buddies in high school. Let’s just say they weren’t the best of teachers. I didn’t let that stop me from continuing to try. We’ll say my stubborn and determined side showed up and ensured I eventually got the hang of it.

I had the opportunity in college to ski several times a week at Grand Targhee where I also claimed a class credit for the ski course. (What a perk!) After college I moved back to the Northwest where the peaks are plentiful and full of lessons. I have built a love for adventure of almost any kind. My true passion though is mountaineering. There’s something so at home and peaceful to me when holding an ice axe in one hand and with crampons strapped to the bottom of my boots. The patience, disciplines, accomplishments and setbacks I’ve learned from mountaineering throughout the years has shaped who I am as a person.

Fast forward to the present. I currently live in Colorado, working for my favorite outdoor brand. I first got involved with SheJumps 3 years ago while collaborating on a Women’s Wine and Wax event. I’ve always had a passion to share the outdoors with family and friends and in bringing the community together. Since then I’ve had the privilege to volunteer as an Ambassador, participating in various events to share the stoke of bringing our women’s community together.

It’s important to lift each other up as women. To be examples for our daughters, nieces, friends, and other future crushers. Live life fearlessly! Enjoy the process even if you’re terrified from time to time!