Monique Hoisington

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Monique Hoisington


Originally from Washington State where my love for the Mountains began. I dreamed about what it would be like to climb in the Cascades from an early age. So it became a goal. I first learned how to ski from my older brother and a group of his buddies. They took me down the bunny hill a few times then decided it was time to sink or swim. The phrase I heard all day was “it get’s flatter just over here.” I stopped listening to their horrible advise bucked up and bombed runs the rest of the day. I skied until college when my buddies were all snowboarding. Since then I’m an avid snowboarder. I bought my first split board set up 14 years ago and spend most of my winter riding in the backcountry.

I attended college in southern Idaho where I took a ski class awarding me credit to ski at Grand Targhee days a week. I had my priorities straight! After college I moved to Western Washington where I met my sweetheart Michael of 16 years now. We have a son Rylen and daughter Ava. We’ve had them immersed in outdoor adventures since they were two weeks old. My daughter still enjoys climbing and hiking with me. She’s told me someday she wants to climb the big mountains like me. We have a St. Bernard Lhotse that rounds out our crazy bunch.

Two years ago, my favorite outdoor brand (Arc’teryx), called me with the opportunity to open their first shop in Colorado. So within a month we packed up our belongings and moved to the beautiful state of Colorado. Since moving here I’ve had the opportunity to explore a few of the many 14ers, try ice climbing for the first time, tune up my rock climbing skills and learn from humble outdoor bad A’s! Have I mentioned how much I love being outside? I am a jack of many trades when it comes to outdoor activities. But my true love outside of snowboarding is Mountaineering. Nothing better than ice axe in hand and crampons strapped to the bottom of my boots!

My biggest lessons, inspiration, grounding have come from the time I spend outside plogging up a mountain, stomping my hooves on the pavement or gliding through some sick powder!

In my previous jobs and current I have had the opportunity to share my passion for the outdoors with my coworkers and local community, by organizing several activities that give the experience to try things such as snowshoeing, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountaineering, sailing, skiing for their first time. I love to share and show people that trying these activities are really within reach, to help them overcome their fears and hopefully fall in love with a new sport. I am excited for the opportunity to be an Ambassador for She Jumps where I can continue to share my love for exploring the great outdoors by organizing and providing opportunities for our She Jumpers of all ages to fall in love with activities outside!