Rachel Stewart

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Sometimes, I can hardly believe that I didn’t see a mountain until I was 25. My first time in the mountains, at Jackson Hole, I initially learned about SheJumps. My first day on skis, I met a woman wearing a tutu in the lift line and chatted with her about her Girafficorn power! On that trip, the Tetons ignited my love for the mountains, truly experiencing the outdoors and the beginning of a better understanding of myself. Six months later I packed up my car and moved to Portland, Oregon. There I fell in love with trail running, road biking, and backcountry skiing. During my three year stay, I attended many SheJumps meetings and events, and formed friendships and some amazing adventure friends. Recently, I had the opportunity to merge my love of skiing, mountains, and outdoors with my professional career of Conference & Event Management at Big Sky Resort.

My love for adventure didn’t spark in me until I surrounded myself with the right people, later in life. I’m excited to have the opportunity to fan the flame of anyone willing to push themselves further, try something new, or are seeking more girl power(ed) adventures through SheJumps!