Sarah Field

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Growing up with the Sierra Nevadas as her backyard, Sarah Field was immersed into the world of the great outdoors as soon as she was born. She grew up river rafting, camping, hiking, and skiing, and when she began going to Cheley Colorado Camps at the age of 11, she fell in love with the Rockies and with backpacking. Her attraction to the mountains is unrelenting, and whether it be backpacking, skiing, or simply taking a hike, Sarah feels most at home when she’s among the grandeur of peaks.

Sarah was fortuitously introduced to SheJumps while lightweight backpacking the length of South America with two other women, Shelley Brook and Trinity Ludwig. At the beginning of their trek in Ushuaia, Argentina, Claire Smallwood (SheJumps Executive Director) saw their names and emails on a registry and reached out. Upon returning in 2012, Sarah immediately moved to Colorado and started volunteering for SheJumps regularly, doing talks with the Tres Chicas Locas, putting on events, and attending as many programs as possible. Sarah is stoked to be a part of the Girafficorn Nation, and as a high school teacher, loves introducing young women and girls to the things that she is most passionate about. She believes that nature can connect people in profound ways, and she wants to open the door for others so that they can experience the wondrous beauty this earth has to offer.