(S)heJumps into the Canyon: It’s a wrap!

March 2013 celebrated our 5th year of bringing youth from Salt Lake City Boys & Girls clubs up to Alta to ski with passionate individuals from the mountain community. It’s a wonderful event, and in a way, what gave SheJumps our start! SheJumps is very grateful to Chris Morgan (Two Sherpas LLC) for making this… Read more »

SheJumps- Isis Ambassadors: The Class of 2013

Together with ISIS Clothing for Active Outdoor Women, we’re proud to introduce the 2013 class of SheJumps-Isis Ambassadors! These fourteen amazing women have been selected to ‘be the light’ in their communities; giving back and spreading the SheJumps mission. Please join us in welcoming them!


LymeLight is a Lyme Disease awareness film that serves as an inspirational story for those who have fought to overcome chronic illness and physical setbacks. It delivers a powerful message of the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle on a daily basis. Angeli VanLaanen is one of the top female freeskiers in the world… Read more »

Isis presents the SheJumps Ambassadors!

Paging all rockstars, local heros, wild women, movers and shakers! Ladies, we want YOU! SheJumps is seeking gals across the nation to apply to become our regional Ambassadors.  We are looking for ladies who walk the walk and talk the talk. If you have your finger to the wind and your ear to the ground and can help us carry out the SheJumps mission in… Read more »