Wild Skills Fundraiser on Mt. Rainier – THANK YOU!

Mount Rainier is the tallest mountain in Washington and in the the Cascade range. At 14,411 feet, the mountain demands the vista from anywhere within 200 miles. From its summit and many, many glaciers you can see other beautiful volcanoes in the area including Mt. Hood, Mt. Baker, Mount St. Helens, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt…. Read more »

Adventure Medical Kits Partners With SheJumps For Wild Skills

Written by: Anna Bernard The Wild Skills program is something that not only could spark a passion, but is an experience that is incredibly important for girls and women everywhere. In general, those trekking into the great outdoors – whether it be skiing, climbing or hiking – should always know how to adventure safely and… Read more »

SheJumps Climbed Mt. Rainier!

We are happy to report that our first Mt. Rainier fundraising event was a huge success! Our team raised more than $20,000 for our Wild Skills youth program, here is a photo of the group on the summit on July 24th, 2016. More updates are on the way–first we need to put some chapstick on our… Read more »

Four Girls and a Matterhorn

Lorraine Huber Shares What It’s Like to Shred One of the Most Dangerous Peaks in the World Written by: Anna Bernard It stands at 14,692 feet tall, is nearly symmetrical and is one of the highest peaks that resides in The Alps. The Matterhorn is known as one of the deadliest peaks in the world… Read more »

C4 Belts Launches New Non-Profit Collaboration with SheJumps!

Written by: Anna Bernard Individuality, impact and, style are three things that C4 Belts and SheJumps have in common. Whether is the style you carry down the slopes or the way you dress in the morning, style isn’t something that either of these teams lack. C4 Belts is dedicated to making their customers look good… Read more »

The Road to Independence

Written by: Anna Bernard Some of the best adventures are the result of failed plans, ideas that hold consequences, and ultimately, risk. The time spent planning, mapping and timing renders useless. There is a saying that says, “Regardless how well you prepare, you will always be unprepared.” I was used to adapting on trips. Whether… Read more »

Why we heart spring skiing

Written by: Anna Bernard It’s not the best snow. Granted, it’s likely some of the worst snow out of the entire season, yet by spring, the slopes are somehow still packed. Whether people are shredding slush or lounging at the lodge, it’s more likely than not to see some dressed in beach wear – anywhere… Read more »

What’s In Your Pack?

Written by: Cassandra Whelihan The clock strikes 5 a.m. and it’s been puking snow all night. The forecast predicts 20 degrees and free refills. Your girl squad is ready to dawn patrol, lunch is packed and the chick rock playlist is blaring; today is going to be fun, but are you prepared if something unexpected… Read more »

Alpine Ascents: SheJumps Fundraiser Climb

SheJumps has partnered with Alpine Ascents International to put together a climb for a cause! Participants of the event will be conquering Mt. Shuksan, a beautiful mountain in the PNW. All money raised by this event will be directly donated to support the youth initiative events in the Wild Skills programs. The climb is filling… Read more »