C4 Belts Launches New Non-Profit Collaboration with SheJumps!

Written by: Anna Bernard Individuality, impact and, style are three things that C4 Belts and SheJumps have in common. Whether is the style you carry down the slopes or the way you dress in the morning, style isn’t something that either of these teams lack. C4 Belts is dedicated to making their customers look good… Read more »

The Road to Independence

Written by: Anna Bernard Some of the best adventures are the result of failed plans, ideas that hold consequences, and ultimately, risk. The time spent planning, mapping and timing renders useless. There is a saying that says, “Regardless how well you prepare, you will always be unprepared.” I was used to adapting on trips. Whether… Read more »

Why we heart spring skiing

Written by: Anna Bernard It’s not the best snow. Granted, it’s likely some of the worst snow out of the entire season, yet by spring, the slopes are somehow still packed. Whether people are shredding slush or lounging at the lodge, it’s more likely than not to see some dressed in beach wear – anywhere… Read more »

What’s In Your Pack?

Written by: Cassandra Whelihan The clock strikes 5 a.m. and it’s been puking snow all night. The forecast predicts 20 degrees and free refills. Your girl squad is ready to dawn patrol, lunch is packed and the chick rock playlist is blaring; today is going to be fun, but are you prepared if something unexpected… Read more »

Alpine Ascents: SheJumps Fundraiser Climb

SheJumps has partnered with Alpine Ascents International to put together a climb for a cause! Participants of the event will be conquering Mt. Shuksan, a beautiful mountain in the PNW. All money raised by this event will be directly donated to support the youth initiative events in the Wild Skills programs. The climb is filling… Read more »

Mountain Playground Card Partner Profile: Crystal and Jeff Robertson

Crystal Robertson heads up Le Grand Adventures with husband Jeff Robertson. Le Grand features once-in-a-lifetime adventures and high-quality tours in some of the most iconic locations around the globe, with a foundation of safe instructional guiding to create unforgettable experiences with family and friends. For 2017, says Crystal, Le Grand will be, “launching all new… Read more »

SheJumps Partners with Chasing Epic

SheJumps is exited to partner with Chasing Epic, a company founded in 2015 to change the way mountain bikers experience adventure travel. Through that partnership, Chasing Epic is providing SheJumps supporters with a sweet deal that also gives back to SJ. We caught up with Chasing Epic about their company, our partnership, and their women’s… Read more »

International Women’s Day – SheJumps Partners with an International Program!

Written by: Chelseamarie Through Elevate™, a platform for empowering women and girls, Chelsea Hill has brought SheJumps and Mariposas Mujeres Cambiando el Mundo into partnership, summer 2016, for a project that will embolden young girls in Central Mexico through relationships to one another and their environment. I first met Elena Neibaur on a SheJumps Community… Read more »

Mountain Playground Card Partner Profile: Coalition Snow + Jen Gurecki

Jen Gurecki is the CEO of innovative ski manufacturer Coalition Snow. This Lake Tahoe company makes skis and snowboards designed by and and built for women. With innovative designs coupled with progressive shapes, their products are freeride inspired and have garnered praise from athletes, media and enthusiasts around the globe. “The Coalition team is inspired… Read more »

Flashback: Surf. Sport. And She.

When did women begin riding waves?! Written By: ChelseaMarie You cannot separate the beach and the bikini. The two are associated like peanut butter and jelly. However, over the past few decades, women have created a stronger association between surf, “she,” and sport, than ever before! In truth, women have been conquering the waves for… Read more »