Hero Kit: Happy Bikes & Happy Bikers

How many times have you found yourself bike wrestling? You know that, get-back-in-place-you-stupid-bike-tube-magigger-err feeling right before your tire iron slips off the rim of your wheel and you slice open your knuckles? That’s usually the moment just before a friendly, smiling, mechanically minded fellow biker shows up behind you on the trail and gives you… Read more »

Meet Your New Regional Coordinators!

We’ve got KATHY KADING! We’ve got LINDSAY McCLURE! We’ve got MEGHAN KELLY! They will be telling their stories here soon…and creating more opportunities than ever for SheJumpers to have a blast this summer! Stay tuned…. -Claire Smallwood, Executive Director

Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, Spring ’13 Recap!

“This weather is so bad, if I weren’t having so much fun I would have left hours ago!” If there was a theme for the Spring ‘13 Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, this would be it! The forecast looked amazing: sunny, with warm temperatures to soften the snow for excellent shredding conditions. Walking up… Read more »

Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, Spring 13!

We are excited to announce a second Get the Girls Out event at Mt Bachelor! Mark your calendars, invite your friends: we will be on the mountain on Sunday, April 21st! Meet at the bottom of Pine Marten at 10 AM. We will get a posse of female skiers and riders together for a day… Read more »