Get the Girls out at Schweitzer 2019 – Recap

They arrived by the carload

Wearing tutus and leis,

Some sported onesies

While leading parades.

Mothers brought daughters,

Sisters towed in their brothers.

For friends new and old,

It was a day to behold.

Yoga centered our minds

While the slopes filled our souls.

With games, treats and prizes

It was fun on patrol!

Over 200 SheJumpers

Came together this day.

Sharing joy and uniting us

In such powerful ways.

If you missed it this year,

Please don’t be dismayed.

We’ll make sure you’re included

The next time we play!


SheJumps Ambassador

Natalie Koncz

Thank you for capturing the moments, Kiersten Patterson Photography

BIG thanks to all of our sponsors! We couldn’t do this without you!

Schweitzer Mountain Resort


Tubbs Snowshoes