Strategic Plan


After 10 years of providing opportunities for women and girls to get outside, the SheJumps leadership is excited to unveil a strategic plan for the next 10 years. Our strategic plan is a culmination of the feedback from our community: from team members to board members. This plan is a stride towards our future, while based on the strong foundation built in the first decade of SheJumps.

A strategic plan is a building block for any organization. We are celebrating its completion to better inform you, our community, to hold ourselves accountable to our objectives and most importantly, so that we may not forget where the information, feedback, and vision originally came from. We must continually align with you, our community.

The most important thing to come from this strategic plan was an overarching vision and call to action towards diversity in the outdoors.

Why are the outdoors’ participation relegated to predominantly white, middle or upper class populations? How can we support all members of our community and invite all members of our community to be a part of this call to action? The answer, we believe, can be found by weaving this sense of responsibility to sustainably expand what we believe in—the mountains, ocean, dirt, sand, and physical challenges of the outdoors—towards the value of diversity, equality, and inclusion in everything we do.

Ten years ago when we started this journey, it was enough to simply introduce the generalized concept of women in the outdoors as a platform. For the many things SheJumps is, it certainly is not “She-Stands-Still.” We will strive to keep jumping and challenging ourselves. We hope you will join us on our mission to truly increase the participation of all women—regardless of skin color or background; cisgender, queer or trans; immigrant, refugee, or native; veteran, never-ever or aspiring professional—to get outside and ask themselves the question: “What great thing would I dare to accomplish if success was the only possible outcome?”


Claire Smallwood

Executive Director & Co-Founder

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SheJumps is a sustainable nonprofit with a solid internal governance structure that provides clear financial planning and fundraising initiatives essential to the organization’s success and future.


SheJumps is a leading resource of free and low-cost access to outdoor education for girls and women of all backgrounds.


SheJumps introductory programs lead to further participation in the outdoors


Environmental stewardship and sustainability play a central role in SheJumps’ core values.