Jumper: Beth Olsen

Town: Silverthorne, Colorado

Quote: “Make each moment worthy. Fight for it.” – Beth Olsen

About Beth: Wandering intentionally in the wild develops trust. In ourselves, in the seasons and changes of living things, in our brief human existence, and the impact we choose to make on the earth. As we wander in the wild, inevitably, we start to feel how we change the landscape, how big our gestures are, when we feel awkwardly incapable or when we feel light, fluid and almost invisible. We do that by building our intuitive intelligence. That intuitive language is what helps us to understand how we can change our relative impact on the earth and heal, come back to equilibrium, our natural state of being. In that place, we can do serious work.

As a national champion athlete, a mountain biker and back country skier, I realize through many misadventrues, injury and disease that our impact is shaped by the intention of our experience and the quality of that intention shapes our ability to learn from our experiences. How often do we consider our intention, what’s driving us when we go out? And how do we develop that intelligence?


We can control many variables when we go outside, and there are many we can’t. I’ve lost a fiancé in a climbing accident. I’ve been lost skiing on a winter single digit night with my dog. I’ve seen many close friends slip away into the cracks of the wild who were gifted athletes, EMT trained guides. Nature doesn’t discern, and we are capable of understanding our exposure, our risks, and our impact. One thing we often don’t consider is our motivation, intention beyond simply exploration. That won’t change perilous weather, but it will inform us and enable an intelligence that’s life saving.


Our intuition can save our live and other lives: save the planet, and teach us to trust ourselves in different social and natural environments. Intuition is a short name for connection with our mindbody intelligence. Intuition informs us of danger, safety and brings us into alignment, reminds us where healing is, and where too much risk lies, when we’re off balance. We have the internal mechanisms, physiological technology to reverse aging, disease; mental and physical.


Almost every day I go out: on my bike or skis. Now, after my recent crash, a deep contusion to the leg, I revisit what my intention is. I’ve beaten and broken my body out of fear and love, and deep need to push.


After living with multiple tumors, cysts, heart arrhythmia, diabetes, Asperger’s, severe anemia, multiple concussions, hip replacements and dislocation, my body is working its way slowly back to alignment. Not without daily, moment to moment effort, but I realize, after 51 years, that my mindbody does know how to rebuild and heal. The racing, climbing, back country skiing, for 50 years, is where I continue to go for building intelligence, but with much more awareness, articulation and precision. Backcountry is my necessary fuel to continue to heal deeply. Deep healing. Outside. Not just a band-aid.