Jumper: Brittany Mericantante

Town: Chicago, Illinois

Quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” – Neale Donald Walsch

About Brittany: It wasn’t until I left New England that I realized how spoiled I was growing up there. There aren’t many mountains for skiing or hiking, or outdoors organizations here in Chicago. Living in an urban Midwest city, it’s tough to follow your dreams of being a great skier, avid hiker, or teaching young kids a passion for the outdoors – but that hasn’t stopped me. My goal is to live in small mountain town, but as I work towards that, I’d like to make steps to improve both myself and others along the way.

I play sports, do yoga and, lots of exercises to prepare for winter seasons – I do this all with the kids I nanny, as well as other kids in the neighborhood. I love seeing the expressions on their face when they make a soccer goal, or can finally do the yoga pose they have been working towards, just like me! I have failed at things I’ve done in the past, but that made me a better person. I was not the best skier or yogi when I first started, but I looked up to many woman professionals and kept my goals right in front of me and pushed forward.


Many young kids these days don’t understand it’s okay to fail at first. The thing I love most is helping kids reach their athletic goals. Because I had role models, but lacked a teacher to guide me as I was learning, I know the value in both. It’s great for kids to have a teacher by their side for every jump they take. This drives my love, passion, and vision guiding young jumpers, especially in areas where the outdoors aren’t as readily as accessible.