Jumper: Carly Boisen

Town: Red Wing, Minnesota

Quote: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” – Shakespeare

About Carly: Hi, my name is Carly, a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with my eating disorder. From 1st grade to sophomore year, I breathed swimming. It was the only thing I seemed to live for. Dedicating hours and hours to jumping into the ice cold pool at 6 a.m. or after a long day of school. All my weekends filled with club meets. Swimming let me meet all of my closest friends to date. Though I loved it, it ate me alive with the pressure I put on myself daily to be the best in the water. It was my soul focus, mentally I couldn’t take it anymore. Therefore I ended my swimming life.

I didn’t accept I had an eating disorder until October of 2016. I had been struggling with it since I decided to not swim after the 2015 season. I was slowly starving myself from lack of nutrition and calories. If I missed a workout in a day I would shame myself into thinking I was fat and needed that workout. I went from 140lbs to 110lbs by the time I got to treatment. I was losing hair and was tired constantly. I just wanted to be skinny and fit.

Since treatment I’ve started doing CrossFit, which has made me realize food is fuel and is your friend, not your enemy. Fitness is to be healthy and not to just “look good”. Strength and health is more important than looking like the girls online. I use to tell myself I couldn’t eat a cookie until I was 80 because it would wreck my “hard work”. I was surviving on chicken, rice, and vegetables for a year. Anything else with too much fat, sugar or was processed wouldn’t even come near my mouth.


I still struggle everyday but I know that health is more important. CrossFit had helped me in more ways than I could say. I don’t think I would be living without it. I don’t think I could’ve convinced myself to eat and I would be dead today. I love it so much I even became a Level 1 trainer for CrossFit. I want to spread health and activity.


SheJumps is something I want to get involved with because I feel like girls need to know their worth and power. I want us girls to love ourselves unconditionally no matter what we look like. My cousin introduced me to it and I was instantly hooked. We all need to support each other. We’re strong, bad, babes that can conquer the world, and what better way to do so than getting active. It’s something that has affected me so much and I would love to be able to spread my passion to other women and girls. Whether you get active by CrossFit, hiking, skiing, kayaking, climbing, you name it. It creates our inner strength and makes us fearless and passionate for life and living. I can only hope I can make even a tiny impact on our girls today.