Jumper: Casi Rynkowski

Town: Grafton, Massachusetts

Quote: “If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done” – Thomas Jefferson

About Casi: Since 2007, I’ve been training athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to live a healthier life style. My passion for fitness outdoors exploded when I launched my outdoor fitness business, exposing clients to the idea of fitness outside the gym box. Surfing, standup paddling, climbing, ice climbing, winter mountaineering and more have become my new training ground in New England. My clients not only found new ways to cross train outdoors, they found new passions for life.

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is my first love. I got hooked on SUP on an outdoor adventure trip with my training business. Already an avid snowboarder and surfer, the addition of stand up paddle to my repertoire was natural and I am loving it. As a fitness professional, I believe that paddling is one of the greatest additions to functional training that has come around in a long time. Training on a paddleboard provides a whole-body workout that can hardly be equaled in any other way.

Casi Rynowski 2

In the water you will find me expedition paddling, surfing, leading SUP Fitness bootcamps and instruction classes across New England. Expedition paddling has become my newest SUP passion. I love the challenge of open ocean paddling, with the interaction of tides, swells, wind and planning for a trip. On the flip side, I love the complete and utter unpredictability of the weather and conditions that makes all that planning obsolete.

Casi Rynowski 3

On land, ice climbing and rock climbing are where I like to dig my toes. Both are so different yet hold a host of benefits that many don’t think about. The brain benefits are what really got me hooked on both ice and rock. The hyper focus required, forces you to get out of your head and beyond. Rock climbing also requires agility and fluid movement which is so different from many other outdoor adventure sports I do. And I’ve got to say, I love gear. Ropes, carabiners, ice axe, crampons have become my new jewelry while fun printed chalk bags, colorful backpacks have replaced my need for dressy shoes.

Casi Rynowski 4

Making the connection and finding those who share a passion and drive to explore fitness from all angles is not easy. Many factors cans squash a dream and keep you stuck living in the “I always wanted to try that” place. I was lucky to have been mentored by many professionals with whom I worked and played with. They gave me the confidence and education needed to go out and explore different outdoor adventure sports. My life has never been the same since.

Casi Rynowski 5

My goal with my fitness adventure trips is to connect women with quality guide services and give them a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts to explore fitness outdoors. These trips have changed my life and I’ve been fortunate to have shared them with countless others. Some of these people have found their new fitness passion and keep coming back to the group to explore more. The flash upon a client’s face when they know they are hooked is the moment I love best about these trips. Crazy – you kind of have to be, but that is the only way you get to feel these moments. Crazy doesn’t have to mean you throw caution to the wind. Crazy just enough to step out, explore, and take a chance. These are the moments that can bring you out of the haze and into the clear. These are the moments that make you feel alive and reap the physical and mental benefits of exploring outside your comfort zone.

Casi Rynowski 6

Casi is an AFAA certified personal trainer, and ACA level 2 SUP instructor. She is also a BIC Ambassador as well as the BIC Ambassador Team Coordinator, a Werner Team Paddler, a MTI Ambassador, Adventure Medical Kit Ambassador and a team member of Virus Action Sports Performance. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram, as well as her website, www.casiperformancetraining.com.