Jumper: Cheryl Kochevar

Town: Enumclaw, Washington

Quote: “None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm.” – Henry David Thoreau

About Cheryl: My love for the outdoors has influenced the two most important decisions in my life: First, waiting for the perfect hubby who shared my love for all things thrilling, challenging, and most importantly outdoors. Then, together, embracing the “936 Saturday’s” approach in raising our daughter from birth to 18 sharing the fun. (Despite the raised eyebrows at our unconventional parenting methods.) From me introducing her to skiing and cycling while pregnant, to her taking me mountain biking and backpacking, we have officially come full circle. I get great laughs when my kids friends mistake me for her on the ski hill, what a nice compliment!

Fun stuff in life has included the yearly Seattle to Portland 200 mile one-day bike ride and often climbing Chinook Pass on our tandem bike to be rewarded with the 60mph descent for miles on end. With our ski racing/coaching backgrounds we competed in a husband/wife team ski race, going all the way to 2nd place at nationals, and then followed up with water skiing in the PNW for 12 straight calendar months.

Adventures with my daughter have included hiking to waterfalls in Thailand where we were rewarded with exfoliation from tiny biting fish in the pools we chose to cool off in, and hopping a locals bus in Mexico that dropped us off at a sketchy van, which took us miles into the jungle, where we experienced the most magnificent cenotes we have ever seen in solitude, unless you count the hundreds of bats and catfish.


As a SheJumps ambassador, I look forward to encouraging other moms to get out there and play, to show that we don’t need the young ones to “drag us along”. Also to continue sharing, learning, enjoying and being inspired by women of all ages. This year SheJumps exposed me to downhill mountain biking and SUP Yoga. I had never paddle boarded nor done yoga, so that was definitely a fun, new experience! I want to help spread the word that new activities are fun to learn in such a supportive and encouraging environment!


Retired now, summers are spent in the PNW sharing good times and adventures with my husband, dogs, and friends, hiking, biking, and being outside. Winter finds us in our RV at Crystal Mountain, skiing, touring, and snow shoeing every day. Toss in some apre-ski slack lining behind the RV, nightly hikes with the pups, lots of shoveling, and I think it’s safe to say that we have carved out a wonderful life for ourselves! If you are up there give a shout, knock on the RV door, or find me on the hill, I love meeting up with new ladies to play with!