Jumper: Jen Sass

Town: Cornwall, Connecticut

Quote: “Was that a girl?” – Everyone, always

About Jen: Life is awesome. I’m never going to tell you things like ’life is short’, or ‘time is precious’, we all know this. What I am going to tell you is stop thinking fun is a rare commodity reserved only for the weekends that takes time, money, and planning. Anything can be an adventure, and everything can be a reason to smile. Yes it may be easier to be cynical, but instead of complaining about your situation, dive into it so you can learn, adapt, and laugh.

My name is Jen Sass, I was the only female to canoe the entire length of the Mississippi River from source in Itaska to Gulf of Mexico summer 2012. Living in a tent for three months, traveling the country with a group of boys, you better believe I don’t take myself too seriously. I’ve been a snowboard coach for eleven seasons, I’m a former climbing instructor, obsessed with my dog Meiko, and try to call myself a mountain biker, but that is questionable.

I don’t like labels because I rarely fit into just one. I’m a tomboy who likes dresses, an outdoor enthusiast who works in a corporate office, and a happy smiley personality whose fuel for positivity is to help others beat their inner demons. The lines to everything people have labeled or called me are gray and ever changing. Everything except for one, I have always, and will always be a girl.

Jen Sass 2

In my mind I am average, there are so many females doing things bigger and better than me. Those are the girls I am impressed with and strive to be. Which is why i’m astonished every time someone is impressed with me, why me? I’m mediocre at best. I have no outstanding skills, unless being average at almost everything is a skill cause I got that locked down. I’ve come to learn my mediocrity in outdoor sports is the reason many females approach and are impressed. After all it’s a pretty attainable goal. I’m not out to go pro, get sponsors, or win contests. I’m out because it’s fun as hell and I love experiencing cool new things with new people. I have learned others, especially females want that exact thing. I have done my best to get others involved in my adventures, and always looking share the love with more. The best feeling is when you’re shredding in a back bowl and a complete stranger skiis by, you make eye contact and just smile. At that instant you and this stranger from another walk of life who you’ve never spoken are sharing the same high, passion, and enthusiasm that only you two understand at that moment. I like bringing other people into these sports because I want them to share those moments. You don’t have to be the best, just be willing to have fun and smile.