Jumper: Jordie Karlinski

Town: Aspen, Colorado

Quote: “Respond from the center of the hurricane, rather than reacting from the chaos of the storm.” – George Mumford

About Jordie: I grew up in the beautiful mountain town of Aspen, Colorado where I began snowboarding at the age of eight. By the time I reached high school I was competing nationally and internationally at the professional level. Throughout the snowboarding career that followed, I competed in X-Games, Jr. Worlds, Gravity Games, World Cups, Burton Opens, Triple Crowns, Dew Tours and Grand Prix’s.

In 2011 I was named for the second time to the US Snowboard Team, this time for Slopestyle. This was a huge accomplishment as Slopestyle was to debut in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Finally, I had my opportunity. This was my chance to accomplish my dream of becoming an Olympian. It was my chance to prove to myself that the last sixteen years of dedication, sacrifice and hard work would result in my dream coming true.

January 2014, in the final Olympic qualifier, I failed to make the US Olympic team by two points. As soon as I fell during my final qualifying run I knew it was over. Sixteen years of blood, sweat and tears, all gone within seconds.

What I didn’t understand in that instant is that I would be okay. That I would still be standing four years later with more passion for life, more clear on my path than ever.

After retiring from competitive snowboarding, my life did a complete pivot, yet there was a problem – I did not know who else I was, what else I was passionate about, what else I was good at or could succeed at.

I was looking to discover who I was and what I’m meant to do. In January 2017 became certified to lead Lightyear Leadership Level One: Personal Legacy- a self-leadership methodology which focuses on legacy and vision and goal work. This journey changed my life.

In 2014 when I failed to accomplish my Olympic dream, I wish I could have seen past the immediate, utter disappointment and told myself to have faith, that there will be a silver lining. That the universe had my back and that I would be stronger for the defeat. Disappointment isn’t the end, it’s a beginning.

Photo: Devin Pool

Photo: Devin Pool

I am drawn to SheJumps because I have discovered a new passion within snowboarding: creating a safe and supportive environment empowering women to get into the backcountry. In partnership with a female guiding service called ‘Leave the Boys Behind’ I organize women-only backcountry programs. My goal is to incorporate self-leadership and mindfulness aspects to the programs so women can also begin to discover their true selves, and what better place to do that than in the outdoors.

I believe that everyone has an opportunity to accomplish what they want in life, even if their immediate path isn’t obvious or is down another road at first. Backcountry adventure has been healing for me, and I want to share my passion for adventure and nature with other ladies so they may experience healing also, if needed. In summer months you’ll find me backpacking, trail running, fly fishing and sleeping under the stars.

Check out Jordie’s website (www.jordiekarlinski.com) to learn more about her programming and workshops.