Jumper: Kellee Rickenbach

Town: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Quote: “In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die- where we invest our love, we invest our lives” – Mumford and Sons

About Kellee: Up until recent years, I have let everyone in my life tell me who I am, who I should be or who I should become. Advice isn’t always a negative thing in life, but if you only listen to the opinions of others they can, and will, drown out your own inner voice. I would listen to my gut instinct, but only on occasion and fortunately one thing I listened to was the urge to earn my Bachelors in Exercise and Sport Science. Movement and activity has been an ever present theme in my life in different forms, and the years I spent studying the science of it all were some of the most fascinating and engrossing for me. I wish I could say I parlayed that degree into my dream career, but my life choices, influenced by others’ voices, led me elsewhere.

After finding myself further and further away from what makes my soul happy, I started to push aside all the opinions of others and slowly began to listen to my formerly silenced inner voice. I got off the couch and out of my house and started running, which now seems so simple, but that was the first jump I made into following my heart. Running gave me the momentum both literally and figuratively to start living the way my heart and soul wanted me to live. I signed up for races near and far, traveled to new places and met new people. I found that when I was in the midst of a sweat inducing, lung straining run, or standing at a starting line of a race, I felt more myself than I had ever felt before; and in turn, discovered when I was being my true self I felt more connected to life and other people than ever before.

Kellee Rickenbach 4

The longing to feel that connection throughout every aspect of my life grew, and I started taking larger jumps into the outdoors. Luckily, my life had brought me to Colorado and there are endless opportunities, big and small, to experience the outdoors! I started hiking and trail running within the city, and soon found myself racing up Pikes Peak. The view from 14,114 feet, and knowing my body and mind had gotten me there, fed my soul – I needed more! As I jumped into new outdoor experiences like camping, backpacking, more extreme trail racing, snowshoeing, stand up paddle boarding, and white water rafting, I started to attract a different tribe of people around me. Friends with like minds, goals and aspirations, who encouraged big things in my life. My voice started to be heard loud and clear from both myself and others.

Kellee Rickenbach 3

I am progressively starting to weave the outdoors into all areas of my life and feel a strong pull to the mountains that feed my soul. I am preparing to confidently make the biggest jump yet and hope to change my career path to reflect my inner voice and passions!

Kellee Rickenbach 2