Jumper: Kelley Wren

Town: Breckenridge, Colorado

Quote: “A woman’s place is in the wild.”

About Kelley: Coming from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, I was raised by two ski bums along with my older sister and brother. It wasn’t long before I was on the search for bigger and better mountains. I made some pit stops somewhere between New Hampshire and New Zealand, but I finally landed in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Colorado brought me closest with nature. I stopped characterizing snowboarding with resorts and chair lifts, and started seeing it through a new lens. I began the proper education to start backcountry touring to find some new zones and wild lands without the crowds. I found myself humbled and inspired by the outdoors and needed to find a way to share this lifestyle.

In 2011 I founded an all-female outdoor media company called Thumbs up Birds. I am on a mission to bring accessible content, outings and events to encourage women to not just be outside, but to want to spend their days with the glorious views of our natural world.


I am a snowboarder at heart, but throughout the seasons, I find different ways to play in the mountains. From clapping together chalky hands before a rock climbing ascent to power through the berms and agonizing climbs on my mountain bike. All in all, I am a girl in search of mountains to climb.


I wanted to join SheJumps because I feel connected to their message and felt we were both after the same thing: to create an outlet to bring women outdoors to enjoy the freedom of nature whether it’s through an extreme, self-powered sport, photography and art, or to just get a deep breath of fresh air.