Jumper: Kensie Russo

Town: Portland, Oregon

Quote: “She believed she could, so she did.” – R.S. Grey

About Kensie: Once upon a time there was a girl named Kensie, who grew up in a land where most girls became princesses and learned how to be pretty and gentle. Kensie was the only girl in her family, with two brothers and a neighborhood of mostly boys to play with. Kensie wanted to learn how to do all the things the rest of the boys did, like snowboard, surf, skateboard, climb and bike. However, Kensie would often be told that girls couldn’t learn to do these types of sports as well as boys, and for a while Kensie believed them. She watched her brothers and the neighborhood boys quickly advance in their abilities, and wondered if she should just learn how to be pretty and gentle like the other princesses.

Then one day, Kensie tore her ACL playing basketball, and had to spend 10 months doing nothing adventurous at all while her knee healed. Kensie realized that even though she had been frustrated with learning outdoor sports before, at least she had been able DO to them, and the challenge of being out of her comfort zone made her feel alive.


Kensie vowed that once her knee was healed, she would never quit just because something was difficult, because the opportunity to at least TRY was a privilege.

longboarding spring-touring-with-the-dog

After some failures and successes, Kensie learned how to snowboard, splitboard, surf, mountain bike, climb, and skateboard. Kensie also became a teacher so she could teach other little girls that there can be more than one kind of princess in the world. In fact, when Kensie moved to Portland to get her master’s degree, she met several other princesses who could totally shred, and were down to go on adventures with her!


So Kensie enjoyed all the outdoor sports she could, and never once again worried about if she was as good as the boys or not (because, let’s face it, girls usually have more fun!).


The end.