Jumper: Kristen Kochevar

Town: Bellingham, Washington

Quote: “Respond to every call that excites your spirit.” – Rumi

About Kristen: My name is Kristen and I am a skier. I currently ride for LINE Skis, Full Tilt Boots, and Giro Snow. I live in Bellingham, WA but adventure all over the PNW.

I am lucky enough to say that the single most defining moment of my life to date happened not long post-diapers. I was two, in Whistler, and determined. I used that special knack for debating that only two year olds have to persuade my parents into letting me ski on my own, not in the backpack that I had inhabited on both pow and groomer days since birth. Not that it took a whole lot of convincing… They were stoked, they made a skier. Twenty-four years have gone by since and not one thing has eclipsed the light that skiing gives me.

I was raised with the knowledge that just because my braid went halfway down my back didn’t mean that I couldn’t do backflips into the pool; take my hatchet, my flashlight, and my dog on day long adventures into the woods behind my house; or be the first to drop a cornice into a pow run.


From age 11 to 21 I had a dozen surgeries on my feet. Yes, it was rough. But I am grateful for the sense of adventure that my parents instilled in me from birth, it really came in handy during those years.

Kristen Kochevar 3

I remember begging my parents to schedule my surgeries in the afternoon so that I could ski in the morning before going under the knife. Sticking nails through the bottoms of my crutches so that I could hike up a ski run to watch my teammates compete, packing a garbage bag in my pocket so that I could have my own race against my friends on skis back down to the base.

Kristen Kochevar 4

Those years taught me to push myself, that adventure is a valuable thing and that it is worth fighting for. SheJumps has given me the opportunity to both show women what my definition of adventure is and experience others. I want to help empower the outdoor woman, and be empowered in return.

Kristen Kochevar 2