Jumper: Kristina Ciari

Town: Seattle, Washington

Quote: “So go ahead, put yourself out there. Try something new. Be scared and vulnerable. Let things get messy. You might discover you can achieve more than you thought you could. Or it might not work out as you hope. But at least you tried. And I’m willing to bet that just the act of trying will make you feel really alive.” – Avery Stonic

About Kristina: Most people know me as “that girl who skis in a tutu”. I also climb in a tutu. And run in a tutu. And skydive in a tutu. And influence my friends to ski and climb and run and skydive in tutus, or whatever else makes them happy. Because life would be better if we wore more tutus.

Born and raised in Montana, I like to joke that I basically came out of the womb in ski boots. I learned to ski shortly after learning to walk, and remember a childhood of white Montana winters flying down the slopes. But I didn’t always love being outdoors. Skiing was cold, ski racing was hard, and being a teenager was just the worst. I spent so many mornings opting to sleep until noon that eventually my parents stopped inviting me to go out at all.

Then, I moved to Seattle for college and began to slowly uncover my passion for the outdoors. First, I struggled mightily when I took up running as a way to lose the “freshman fifteen (thirty)”. It was only through dedication and stubborn determination that I slowly shed the pounds (I am an Irish Italian Taurus after all). Then I discovered rock climbing. I loved it, and as a direct result I acquired camping and backpacking gear to facilitate long weekends at the crag. Then, just when rockered, fat-boy skis went into mass production, I discovered backcountry skiing. The Backcountry Ballerina was born. I have never looked back.

Kristina Ciari_SheJumps2

For me, backcountry skiing is like this awesome love-child of snowshoeing and downhill skiing. It offers the quiet, blissful experience of walking through fresh, snowy tracks far from the beaten path, with the sheer exhilaration of swift, smile-inducing descents. Through a forum called Turns-All-Year, I’ve come to ski the last 43-consecutive months, and have found endless inspiration in the achievements of others.

Kristina Ciari_SheJumps3

I feel that the outdoor community has given me everything: my friends and chosen family, my career at The Mountaineers, and my involvement with SheJumps. Through a friend I met skiing, I discovered this job at The Mountaineers, where I’m encouraged to pursue my personal and professional passions for getting people outside. And my work has made me an avid supporter of SheJumps. Recently I was given the opportunity to interview SheJumps co-founder Lynsey Dyer for Mountaineer Magazine, and I was truly inspired by her dedication to changing the outdoor landscape for women. Through SheJumps Lynsey’s gotten thousands of girls stoked on the outdoors, and has given us an outlet to be heard as a viable business segment (think: gear with more than pink bows on it). And personally, SheJumps has provided me with a community of ladies where I most feel at home – where I can embrace my love of being ridiculous and find support to realize my dreams.

Kristina Ciari_SheJumps4

I consider myself a runner, skier, climber, and LIFE ENTHUSIAST. An “Adventurista”. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my early life experiences to connect me to the outdoors. I’m excited to continue support for SheJumps to pass on that same connection and get more girls to Jump In, Jump Up, and Jump Out!