Jumper: Lexie Davis

Town: Dumfries, Virginia

Quote: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, its not.” – Dr. Seuss

About Lexie: I grew up on a farm in central MD, so I was always outside, with the plants and animals. I learned what nature can give us through gardening and raising meat, and came to appreciate all it was. I started breaking out of the farm adventure and looking for different adventures when I was in college, and I started running, and eventually rock climbing. I loved both, and continued to do both for several years, running marathons, half marathons, a Ragnar race, and climbing in gyms and outside in central Maryland and the Greater DC area. I was a math teacher for 9 years, and took up skiing with the high school ski club, because: why not? I was a terrible skier, but it was different and fun, and a new way to be outside in the winter.

I LOVE hiking and traveling to new places. My then boyfriend, but now husband and I moved to Seattle in 2011 and drove cross country, stopping in all the spots: Tetons, Yellowstone, Badlands, Rushmore, all the while hiking, and sleeping in the bed of the truck. It was the best adventure I had ever had! Living in Seattle was incredible: we hiked, biked, skied, climbed, and explored as much as we could. We spent time in the Cascades, Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, the OR coast, Vancouver Island, and my two favorites: Glacier National Park and Olympic National Park. We camped on a beach in the Olympics under the stars: the clearest skies I’d ever seen, and hiked 10-15 miles days through the grizzly infested territory of Glacier… what beautiful country, and incredible memories!


We currently reside in Northern VA, in Dumfries, but still find ways to get out and explore. We’ve been to Cuyahoga National Park, Niagara Falls, Cape Cod, and Acadia National Park and loved every minute. Our most recent adventure was for me to finally have my husband hike Old Rag, and it was a BLAST.


I’m passionate about experiencing life. I LOVE being outside, in the woods, on the beach, and feel fortunate for my experiences and places I’ve been able to visit. Many of my experiences in outdoor adventuring (camping, skiing, climbing, biking, mountain biking, running, trail running, hiking, white water rafting) have started off with me feeling unsure, intimidated, and insecure, and ended up being amazing. I want to help other women avoid that insecurity…I want them to just get out and enjoy it, and I look forward to volunteering with SheJumps!

Now I’m a mama: the coolest adventure I’ve ever started, and I want my daughter to be able to do anything she wants. Plan to see us at future events!