Jumper: Maddie Hayes-Lattin

Town: Stanford, California

Quote: “Going to the mountains is going home” – John Muir

About Maddie: I grew up with my parents bribing me with M&Ms to get on the ski lift. As my love for skiing grew, I had the incredible opportunity to travel to ski races in Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, and more with my best friends. There we’d wake up before the sun to get tracks on hard, corduroy-groomed snow on the race course, and then spend the afternoon free-skiing and goofing off as we explored the slopes. I honestly believe having a childhood of ski racing made me the person I am: it taught me independence as I traveled alone to races, built my character as I stripped to my spandex race suit in freezing temperatures, and introduced me to many beautiful peaks in the Northwest. It also brought me closer to strong, empowering women who shared their passion for skiing and encouraged me to seek adventure. I thank them for the drive I now possess not to let any of my free time slip away from me; it must always include a new outdoor challenge.

Now in college, I’ve grown into not just a skier, but also a cyclist, feminist, mountaineer, and general outdoorswoman. I still wake up before the sun: this time to pedal up Woodside hills on my bike and enjoy a good, all-you-can-eat Alice’s breakfast before racing back to my 9:30 class on Stanford’s campus. You may find me at the top of one of California’s 14ers, ready to pop on my skis and make some turns back down to basecamp or driving off to a nearby trail for an introspective trail run. Winter weekends are spent shredding the Tahoe powder and finishing the day watching Warren Miller movies with friends. Being outside and active is such an essential part of my being that I refuse to let gender be a barrier to the sports and places the outdoors offer. Whether it be through sharing my own outdoor knowledge, setting an example as a female athlete, or volunteering through SheJumps, I’m dedicated to sharing my passion for adventure with other women.