Jumper: Marey Scully

Town: Hasings, Minnesota

Quote: “Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.” – Robby Novak, Kid President

About Marey: Being scared is okay, letting that fear overcome your sense of adventure is not. Be bold, be brave, and be courageous are just a few things that I have learned growing up outside in Minnesota. From camping, to hiking, to running and biking, to ski diving and planning last minute adventures to climb 14er’s in Colorado is how I live my daily life.

No town is too small to have an adventure, you just have to surround yourself with a strong group of women who are just as eager as you to get outside!

I have had many great adventures, but one of my favorites was hiking the Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon in one day. We left before the sun woke up and returned when it had gone back to bed. One of our team mates was hurting pretty bad due to dehydration and lack of nutrition, it was up to us to help her out and keep her spirits high for the next few hours until we got out of the Canyon. Sometimes, we just need another person to remind us just how strong and limitless we really are-That is what really draws me to SheJumps, a community where women can come to remind themselves that no dream is too big.

Marey Scully 2

I am an avid trail runner who loves to spend hours and hours in the woods. When it snows I throw on some snow shoes or cross country skis to keep my passions alive. I love to camp in the Boundary waters Canoe area in Minnesota as well as on the Kalalau Beach in Kauai. I love to hike every trail thrown at me, and when I get lost (which we all do sometimes) I keep calm and find my way out. I want to run up every bluff and climb every mountain.

Marey Scully 3

I want to inspire others to fulfill their passions and desires. I am the “Auntie” of 3 beautiful girls who love to run, hike, and bike. I took them on their first camping trip this past summer and they had a blast! It is very important to me that the younger generations of women are aware of what they are capable of. I want to inspire women everywhere, young and old, to wake up and live their dreams. We can all live more adventurously, but it helps to have a little help from our friends.

Marey Scully 4