Jumper: Renee Shapiro

Town: Boulder, Colorado

Quote: “Life is not what one lived, but rather what one remembers, and how it is remembered to tell the tale.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

About Renee: Growing up in Sun Valley Idaho, with a backyard framed by the Pioneer, Boulder, Sawtooth, White Cloud mountains, was the starting point for a love for the outdoors that has proliferated every year and determined the majority of my life decisions. After competitively skiing moguls for 10 years, I decided that skiing for powder was more fun than for points, and have been a converted backcountry skier since!

This love for the mountains led to attend college in beautiful Boulder Colorado, where I joined the SheJumps club. After a year of meeting my best friends through the club, I happily accepted the position of co-leading the SheJumps club at CU! The club has hosted some small scale events like ski days, climbing clinics and a panel about climate change’s impact on the ski industry. This year I am looking forward to taking a big jump with the SheJumps club at CU and offering an AIARE I course, backcountry ski trip, and of course some taco nights! SheJumps has created a beautiful web of wonderful women in my life, and I hope to help other gals at CU Boulder connect with like-minded ladies!

Anecdote: After a few disconcerting twists of my head, my eyes slowly acclimate to the black interior of the tent, reminding me of the alpine start so necessary for the success of the day. This morning’s alpine start was not inspired by not the typical race against the clock caused by avalanche concerns or the time constraints of a huge summit. It was imperative due to the day of the year, July 4th 2017. My all-time ski companion, bonded from years of competitive moguls skiing at Sun Valley, Claire, and I rose at this ungodly hour in the middle of summer with the hope to ski an ambitious line by the name of Abe’s Armchair in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.


Our holiday ski plan was hatched late the night before, and involved limited research or forethought before we hopped in the car, blasted our classic ski soundtrack, and headed out of Ketchum, Idaho, en route to the mountains. We arrived at the base on the night of the 3rd of July with five minutes of sunlight left to try and discover the animal trail that composed the upward route. Fumbling through sage brush with one headlight and a map, we slowly realized our objective was slightly out of reach.

Over shared Swedish Fish in the tent that night, we reorganized the game plan to ski Titus Peak, an attainable route we had both previously skied. In the morning, we strapped our skis to our backpacks, and hiked the peak. As we climbed through the golden morning light, we both reflected on the beauty of the peaks we call home, fluid planning, and the ability to admit our lack of preparation.


On the summit, we clicked into our skis, and proceeded to carve and jump down the slush and brush that made up the limited July coverage. By 10 AM we had reached the crystal cold waters of Titus Lake that greet the base of the peak. With no hesitation, we proceeded to strip down our minimal layers to take a dip in the beyond belief blue waters. As the cold water numbed my tired limbs, my mind felt free to fully be present in the day, experience, decisions, and all out fun that the mountains provide.