Jumper: Sam Weber

Town: Bozeman, Montana

Quote: “Dawning adventures sparkle, get some rest.” – Nahko & Medicine for the People

About Sam: Hey, there! I’m Sam, a Montana gal for now – by way of Pennsylvania. I’ve been in my new home for almost a year now and I can absolutely say it’s been the quickest, most surprising, constructive year of my life. I moved across the country and miraculously landed a writing job, fell in love and joined a barbershop singing group (long story), set eyes on new mountain ranges and learned to skijor, finally developed a good relationship with hiking and signed up for my first half marathon, and perhaps most importantly, learned how to bake a mean chocolate lava cake.

You see, I ended up in Bozeman all because of an abrupt jump. A BIG one. With college graduation looming, I made the safe decision to move in with a friend a short drive from our alma mater in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. I snagged an easy day job at a local deli and settled in for another summer full of carefree adventures in the placid lakes and wandering rivers, towering high peaks, and warm little towns I’d gotten to know throughout the previous four years.

Apparently, the universe had another plan, though. Two weeks after graduating, I got a random phone call from a Montana number that turned into a job interview at a small town newspaper. Five days later, I quit the job I hadn’t started yet to move across the country and work in a town I’d never heard of at another job I never even applied for. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that life does not work like you expect it to.

As Tyra (my sassy Toyota Tacoma) and I made our way west, I was increasingly terrified/giddy/thrilled with each passing state. I didn’t know anyone in Bozeman, nor did I have much of a clue what my job would entail. But I had three pairs of skis, two bikes, a kayak, more books than I could reasonably carry and a vague, romanticized vision of myself as an intrepid small town reporter.

The funny thing is, I decided on a whim the previous fall I wanted to move to Bozeman after graduation, even though I’d never been there before. My new town’s name promised adventure, killer alpenglow and unfathomable ski conditions. My family laughed at me, but I usually make things happen once I decide I want them. The perceived ability to manifest one’s thoughts; my favorite author calls it “magical thinking.”


To me, that’s what being a jumper is all about. When you want something, no matter how outrageous it may seem, you give it shot and see what happens. Even if it requires a series of surprise jumps along the way. More often than not, beautiful things happen. Simply deciding to say yes to every wild opportunity opened doors I never even knew I needed to go through.

When I happened upon SheJumps, I immediately identified with the mission and desperately wanted to join in. Now that I’ve made some significant jumps, it’s not scary anymore. It just makes me want to help other awesome ladies do the same. Alone, a jump is empowering beyond imagination. When you bring along company, you get to share one of the most valuable gifts – a sense of wonder at this bizarre, fabulous world we live in.