Jumper: Sarah McCroy

Town: Seattle, Washington

Quote: “Never live vicariously.”

About Sarah: Two years ago, I was taking a break from the nonstop hustle of my consulting job to watch a climbing video. Adventure videos were one way I escaped to the places where I felt most alive: on skis, in a climbing harness, or with a pack on my back. Buried among the breathtaking shots of a sandstone crag was a quote that I have not been able to shake: “Where will the steps you take today lead you tomorrow?” It was then I realized I was the only person responsible for my happiness. I had to take the first steps to make being outdoors a priority in my life. So I jumped.

A month later I started preparing to hike the Pacific Crest Trail solo. A year later I quit my job and moved all my possessions in my hatchback across the country. Shortly after, I found myself at the southern terminus of the 2,650 mile scenic trail on the border of Mexico and California. Four and a half months later, I arrived at the Canadian border, marking the beginning of a commitment to never live vicariously again.

Sarah McCroy 2

During my trek, I learned the majority of rules we believe we must live by are self-imposed. Furthermore, we are only capable of discerning our limits by testing them.

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Not wanting my adventure to end there, I jumped again. A friend leant me her Surly Long Haul Trucker to bike just under 1,440 miles from Vancouver, Washington to Santa Barbara, California. During these trips I made connections with incredible people, some of which brought me to Seattle where I live now. Since moving here I have taken my AIARE Level 1 Avalanche course to prepare myself for epic ski trips in the Cascade back country. With all the opportunities in the Pacific Northwest to get outside, I believe I have found my forever home. I am thrilled to join SheJumps as a Jumper, and hope one day I can be half as rad as the other ladies in this community.

Sarah McCroy 5

I am stoked to work with SheJumps to help other woman obtain the skills they need to explore the outdoors. I am so grateful to the countless mentors I have had, and I hope to continue this process by encouraging other women to take chances and push their boundaries. Jumping changed my life for the better. You have to power to make that change too. What are you waiting for?!

Sarah McCroy 4