Jumper: Tracy Crites

Town: Boise, Idaho

Quote: “Failure is not fatal”

About Tracy: My name is Tracy Crites and I am a Mom, a business owner and a passionate explorer. My favorite quote “failure is not fatal” comes from my belief that we should dream big, cultivate our ambitions and not be held back by our perceived limitations-for they are just that – perceived. We are stronger, smarter, kinder, and more driven than we allow ourselves to be. If we try something and fail, it may hurt, it may bruise our ego, but we will continue to breath.

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and have returned home to Boise, Idaho to raise my family and my business. The SheJumps Boise women are such and inspiration in our community and it has been a pleasure to watch it grow! I have hosted and participated in many events and am always blown away by the level of organization, enthusiasm and dedication these women and girls have. The SheJumps women have encouraged me to embrace the silly side of adventures.

Tracy 2

I am the owner of Outdoor Exchange, an outdoor consignment shop in Boise and my passion is making the outdoors accessible and affordable to everyone. I believe it is critical to have an authentic and lasting relationship with the outdoors, and that cost should not prohibit that experience. It is such an honor to get to share my passion for the outdoors with people every day. I love coming to work, encouraging people to try new activities, progress their sport, or outfit a family that is eager to explore together. I am inspired everyday by the adventurous women in my life and love that the SheJumps organization brings us all together!