WILD SKILLS ADVENTURE Rainier Snowshoeing – Recap

Wild Skills partnered with Mt Rainier National Park and  Y.E.T.I. to take 32 girls, ages 6-16 on an interpretive snowshoe hike from Paradise on Mt Rainier, November 13th.  Many of the girls had never been on snowshoes or on Mt Rainier.  Each group was lead by a park ranger and helped by SheJumps volunteers.  Interactive games were used to teach facts about the mountain and it’s environment.

Building snow volcanos, playing musical devices to simulate the sounds and cycles of the mountain, and making snow angels were just a few of the activities.  A sack lunch picnic on the slopes rounded out the day and fun was had by all!


SheJumps Tacoma Ambassador

Janet Perry

SheJumps Wine & Wax Kick-off Event in Bellingham – Recap

SheJumps kick-off event in Bellingham, WA on November 30th was hosted at Backcountry Essentials.


Over 30 ladies gathered together to drink wine and learn how to wax their skis and snowboards.  The major goal of this event was to not only teach attendees how to properly wax their gear but to also kick-off the first official SheJumps event in Bellingham, Washington.  Raffle prizes were given from Backcountry Essentials, Superfeet, and Kavu.  The waxing clinic and venue were both donated by Backcountry Essentials, a local outdoor store that has new and used gear, rentals, waxing, and more.


Wine was donated by Alycia Hawkins and OneHope Wine where proceeds from purchasing the wine went straight to SheJumps. Huge thank you to Jessica from OneHope Wine, especially for bringing the sparkly unicorn wine bottles.


15 women participated in the waxing clinic and a huge thank you to our wax sponsor WEND waxworks! Each attendee got to go through the entire process of melting the wax, scraping, and buffing their skis and boards.


Towards the end of the evening the SheJumps Bellingham Ambassador, Shari Karber, announced the 2018 line-up of events.  Stoke and celebrating was escalated as each event was read off.  “It was cool to see how excited everyone was as the 2018 events were announced, overall an awesome first event in Bellingham”, said Brinn Hovde, event attendee.

Special THANKS to Niki, Backcountry Essentials Store Manager, for her hosting skills and free-hand Girafficorn drawing on the chalkboard sign!

Know Before You Go Recap- Salt Lake City

When Ullr decides to grace the Wasatch with some powder, the ladies are ready!  On December 5th, almost 100 women gathered at the REI in Salt Lake City for our annual Know Before You Go chat with Evelyn Lees and Pat Lamborough from the Utah Avalanche Center.


Evelyn covered numerous topics following the steps of the Know Before You Go avalanche awareness program.

  1. Get the Gear (hint: Beacon, Shovel, Probe)
  2. Get the Training (hint: Check out https://utahavalanchecenter.org/avalanche-classes)
  3. Get the Forecast (hint: https://utahavalanchecenter.org/ for our area.  We are lucky to have such amazing forecasters in our area!)
  4. Get the Picture (hint: terrain choices, local observations)
  5. Get out of Harm’s Way (hint: minimize your exposure to hazards)


She also had some great comparisons to help visualize what happens when you are in an avalanche.  My favorite is to think of an avalanche as a bowl of chips that is being shaken.  You are the crumb that ends up at the bottom!  Don’t be the crumb that gets pushed to the bottom of the bowl!  The best option is to avoid getting in the avalanche if at all possible (using the KBYG steps above).  But if you do happen to be the crumb, an airbag can help you float to the top of the chips.



Next up we found out what was in Pat’s pack.  Everyone’s preferences are different, and the important take away is find something that works for YOU.  This can include layers for changing conditions, food, water, repair kit, but should always include your shovel and probe.


Armed with the knowledge of the night, we are now ready to (safely!) venture into the backcountry!


Many thanks to our partners in making this event possible!

And for the great raffle prizes!


Pray for Snow!

Wild Skills Junior Ski Patrol at Crystal Mountain – Recap

Written by Wild Skills Director, Christy Pelland

On December 16, 2017, SheJumps Wild Skills hosted Junior Ski Patrol at Crystal Mountain a day camp where girls learned mountain safety and first aid while working with the strong women of the ski patrol community and SheJumps volunteers. Throughout the day, participants were taught a range of outdoor skills that are utilized by ski patrollers to keep the mountain safe. Topics included first aid, avalanche control, snow science, weather stations, toboggans, avalanche rescue techniques, avalanche dogs and much more. There was also plenty of snack breaks, high fives and unicorns delivering hot cocoa!

The day started at 9:30am with registration, meeting team members, filling our pockets with snacks (Thank you Clif Bar!) and making Junior Ski Patroller cards. Teams consisted of 8 participants, 3 SheJumps volunteers and 1 Crystal Mountain pro patroller.

screen-shot-2017-12-18-at-1-34-51-pm screen-shot-2017-12-18-at-1-35-55-pm

At 10am, the teams headed to ski patrol headquarters located at the base of Crystal Mountain. We entered in through the ‘Ski Patrol Only’ entrance and cozied up in the patrol locker room for a briefing by ski patrol director, Kim Kircher. Kim talked about what ski patrol does, how they educate the community, the skier’s responsibility code and more. After a Q & A, teams toured the aid room and witnessed patrollers in action as a skier was cared for.




By 10:30am, Teams Blue & Orange were headed to the summit and Teams Purple & Green over to Campbell Basin. All teams started the morning station set with First Aid which was housed in tents provided by our generous partner, Big Agnes. Patrollers led demonstrations in prevention and care of injuries – role playing situations which included making splints and stopping bleeding. A big thank you to our program partner, Adventure Medical Kits for providing all the gear needed in order to create this part of the event. Also, for giving each participant a first aid kit & emergency blanket!

ws_jrskipatrol_crystal045 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal102




Next up, teams learned about snowmobiles, toboggans and why patrollers cache gear on the mountain. This station set included finding caches and learning how to load & maneuver the toboggans. Many girls I talked to said driving and riding in the toboggans was their favorite part of the day!    

ws_jrskipatrol_crystal158 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal200 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal197

I bet you’d like to know the secret to pulling off successful youth events in the mountains? Well, get ready for it: UNICORNS DELIVERING HOT COCOA! That’s right, our team of 4 unicorn delivered piping hot cocoa complete with whipped cream & sprinkles to our 32 participants, 20 volunteers and 6 pro patrollers.


ws_jrskipatrol_crystal085 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal120

Lunch was included in this event and consisted of everyone’s favorite: PIZZA! Crystal Mountain recently installed a wood fire pizza oven in Campbell Basin Lodge and OH is it amazing! Our crew annihilated 12 large pizzas and 2 giant bowls of pasta before heading back out into the snow.


After lunch, each team was greeted by a unicorn carrying avalanche beacons, probes and shovels. The unicorns gave instructions about the Buried Treasure Hunt and patrollers lead the team in how to properly conduct a search. At SheJumps, we strongly believe in education and fun – our events blend both of these elements to make for the safest and most entertaining adventure possible. After tracking down the buried treasure each team uncovered their booty: a BCA beacon & box full of donut holes. Special thanks to Backcountry Access (BCA) for providing all the beacons, probes, shovels, slope meters and crystal cards for this event.


ws_jrskipatrol_crystal330 © Angela Crampton, All Rights Reserved ws_jrskipatrol_crystal309 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal314 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal338 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal265 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal278 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal289

Once the girls had their fill of donuts, all teams hiked thru the trees into a secluded area of Campbell Basin. This was a challenge for some of the girls who have never done this level of side stepping and technical skiing/snowboarding. Yet all made it and were greeted by enthusiastic high fives. After all were settled into the snow, Kim Haft led a presentation on the avalanche dog program at Crystal Mountain sharing many interesting aspects about the dogs such as how they are trained and how the dogs like to spend their summer vacations.



Once Kim was done answering questions, we turned our attention to Christina Hale & Kala who were located on the slope above us. Everyone sat in silence as Kala charged across the hill searching out the scent. In seconds she’d found it and began frantically digging – pulling up the sweater that had been buried earlier that day. Christina loudly praised Kala as did the rest of us – it was quite the sight!

ws_jrskipatrol_crystal437 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal430 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal440 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal460 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal468

As we exited the area, we were treated to a stash of fresh pow!


The afternoon station sets included touring the weather stations and avalanche prevention. At the weather stations, teams learned how data is gathered and how to find & read weather reports. This station also included lessons on snow crystals and the science behind them.


The avalanche prevention set included seeing the different control routes at Crystal Mountain as well as stories of past avalanches. Teams discussed terrain assessment, the human factor and the importance of making good decisions.



There was a lot of information covered during this day but teams still found time to do a bit of free skiing – some even ran into unicorns!



At 3:30pm, all teams gathered for wrap up which included certificates for completing the day and a sweet swag bag filled with a watertight first aid kit from Adventure Medical Kits, SheJumps lip balm by EcoLips, and Clif bar notebook.


ws_jrskipatrol_crystal527 ws_jrskipatrol_crystal509

Our goal with SheJumps Wild Skills is to see girls learning, having fun and connecting in an encouraging environment with amazing instruction and support from female mentors. We want Wild Skills to be an experience they will remember, one that will spark a lifetime of passion for the outdoors and will remind them that they are capable of anything. Giving participants, young and old, the opportunity to learn skills in a fun yet challenging setting develops perseverance and fosters confidence. Thanks to all that helped make this program come to life!




This was the first event of it’s kind for Wild Skills and we’re looking forward to bringing it to other mountain communities this season including Big Sky, Sun Valley and Alta. If you’re interested in bringing Junior Ski Patrol to your local hill – contact Wild Skills Director, Christy Pelland cpelland@shejumps.org


Special thanks to our partners:

Crystal Mountain Resort

Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol

Clif Bar


Yukon Trading Company

Big Agnes


High fives to our photographers:

Ryan French

Blake Kremer

Big up to our videographer, Max Chesnut for capturing the magic!


SheJumps Winthrop Premiere of Pretty Faces & TGR Rogue Elements – Recap

With winter on the tip of everyone’s tongue, SheJumps brought the premiere of both Pretty Faces and Teton Gravity Research’s new film Rogue Element to the Winthrop Barn in the Methow Valley.  The amazingly talented AK guide and Master Girafficorn Brooke Edwards, MC’d the event, and elevated stoke for SheJumps in the valley.

For the next two hours, we were transported to a snowier moment in life, where all of our wintery dreams come true.  From the inspiring moments of women sending in Pretty Faces to the spine shredding exploits of some of those same women in Rogue Elements, the audience ooooh’d and “oh no’d” throughout the evening.


By the end of the evening, our ultimate goal was not only met, but fully exceeded.  We successfully kicked-off our first SheJumps event in Winthrop, WA with over 150 brave souls in attendance and stoked for what SJ will bring to our tiny mountain community.


Steph Bennett 

SheJumps Ambassador 


SheJumps Intro to Avalanche Safety Awareness Clinic – Spokane 2017 – Recap

This year, the Inland Northwest region of SheJumps hosted its third annual Avalanche Awareness Clinic in Spokane, WA in partnership with Gonzaga Outdoors and Gonzaga University. SheJumps partnered with our local avalanche experts Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center (IPAC) and Idaho Panhandle Backcountry to provide an introduction to avalanche safety in the backcountry. Our event focuses on safety and awareness for those venturing into backcountry skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. While full of education, this clinic is designed to be fun and encouraging, not scary or overwhelming. Travelling into the backcountry can be intimidating and this clinic gives both basic knowledge and refreshers for the experienced, giving some the courage they need to jump into the unknown!

Our clinic is the regional highlight of introduction to avalanche safety in large part to our sponsors, whose donations make our individual goodie bags and grand prizes one of the best raffles in area!


The SheJumps national sponsors, Treeline Coffee Roasters, Eco Lips, and Essential Wipes do an incredible job hooking up the first 10 ladies with goodie bags full of their great products!
Kind Snacks once again provided a table full of their latest snacks to sample and take home; a few lucky raffle winners even walked away with boxes of Kind bars to help fuel their backcountry adventures!


SheJumps events are women-specific, but it always makes me glad to see the amount of support our events receive from dads, sons and brothers – this year was no exception! Avalanche safety is not a singular pursuit, and the more families, friends and partnerships who partake make the experience fun and meaningful! Our events, while focusing on the importance of increasing the engagements of young girls and women in outdoor pursuits and education, are not exclusive but inclusive.


This year we were excited to showcase Annie the avalanche rescue dog who melted the hearts of everyone.
SheJumps events strive to be fun and engaging, yet avalanche safety is no joke. Our instructors make our avalanche clinic rewarding and educational. This year we were lucky to once again welcome Larry Banks from Panhandle Backcountry, a company promoting backcountry skiing and splitboarding in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Northwestern Montana. We also welcomed back Jeff Thompson, the Director at Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center (IPAC).

It is inspiring to see so many women of all ages (our youngest attendee was only 2 weeks old!) absorb the significance of backcountry safety with eagerness. For many of our attendees this was their first exposure to the curriculum. Their responsiveness to the videos and engaging questions to expand on the already extensive material was impressive!


Attendees were able to see first hand how Recco search devices work, live demonstrations of airbags, and how to use beacons, shovels and probes.

Amongst all the seriousness, we had a bit of fun. Once again, our sponsors provided the goods to make this the best raffle yet!

The support from these local businesses was spectacular: The Sports Creel, Wild Walls, Spokane Alpine Haus, Physical Therapy Associates, SOLE, IPAC, Panhandle Backcountry, Gonzaga Outdoors, Gonzaga University, and Longleaf Wilderness Medicine. Our local sponsors give a genuine touch and show just how important avalanche safety is to our local community.


We also received a received an extraordinary amount of support and prizes from our national and international sponsors at Outdoor Research, Mervin Manufacturing, Genuine Guide Gear (G3), Arbor, Tailgate Industries, One-Ball, Spark R&D, Warren Miller Entertainment, Athleta, and Kind Snacks! There were bags, jackets, goggles, shirts, and even a cotton candy Roxy splitboard (thanks Mervin MFG!) that were raffled off! Proceeds of the event went to SheJumps.org to aid in keeping our youth events free and a portion of proceeds also benefited our local avalanche center Friends of Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center so they can continue to help keep us all safe in the backcountry!

avy_2018_spokane_10 avy_2018_spokane_7 avy_2018_spokane_8 avy_2018_spokane_9













One thing we like to do at this event is to provide an avenue for those who would like to continue their backcountry education. This year, Jamie Terry with Selkirk Outdoor Leadership and Education (SOLE) set up a table to promote several continuing classes in avalanche safety. SOLE generously donated a scholarship for a youth’s specific AIARE Level 1, highlighting that our youth should be fully knowledgeable in the backcountry as well. Our next local SheJumps event is a women-specific AIARE Level 1 taught in collaboration with SOLE on January 19th-21, 2018 in Libby, Montana. You can learn more about the course here.

These events don’t just happen on their own! To our instructors who have made this a yearly service to our community, the outstanding generosity of our sponsors in support of our event and raffle, and especially our volunteers, who without their enthusiasm and love for the SheJumps mission, events like this just wouldn’t happen; Thank You!


Anna Dunn

SheJumps Ambassador 

Big Thanks to our sponsors!

1panhandle backcountry copyGonzaga Spires Logo Gonzaga Outdoors Logo outdoor-research






As well as:  The Sports Creel, Wild Walls, Spokane Alpine Haus, Physical Therapy Associates, SOLE, IPAC,  Longleaf Wilderness Medicine, Genuine Guide Gear (G3), Arbor, Tailgate Industries, One-Ball, Spark R&D, Warren Miller Entertainment, Athleta.

Ski and Ride Day at Stowe Recap

Last Saturday, Dec 9th SheJumps gathered at Mansfield Lodge at Stowe Resort for our Get The Girls Out event. The weather was great and the conditions were good. We set up some great raffle prizes and celebrated our success with high fives.
We had Mike Hitelman as our photographer, a great shot and rider. A big thank you to Bridgette Darling who helped with registration and organizing the raffle. Another thank you goes out to Darcy Mangan who helped with our groups.

Another successful ski day at Stowe with new and old friends.

Mike’s pictures can be seen at www.mikehitelman.com/SheJumps

To our sponsors A huge thank you!

#prethelmets #hestragloves #coolasuncare #western_rise #deuterbags #darntoughsocks

SheJumps – “Let’s Hear it For the Girls” at Crotched Mountain NH Feb 24th

This event was re schedule for February 24th!

Join SheJumps for a special winter event at Crotched Mountain Ski and Ride in Southern New Hampshire. Learn ski tuning techniques from an industry expert, participate in a women’s ski clinic from the Snow Sports team, and enjoy some of the most fun terrain in Southern New Hampshire. Option to skin up for those interested. Post skiing lunch will be available for purchase at the Onset Pub in the lodge.

Tickets- Click here to get your ticket

9:30am – 10:00am Registration: in the lodge, downstairs
10:00am-10:20am Ski Tuning Demo bottom floor of lodge, near rentals
10:30am-10:45am On Snow Clinic, including skinning knowledge (no special gear needed)
11:00am -1:00pm Group ski (option to skin up for those with gear/ interested)
Lunch in the pub (purchase your own, one drink voucher will be included with registration)

Check out the facbeook event page

Registration information - After you register through Eventbrite you will receive an email with discounted lift ticket information for a $43 dollar ticket to be purchase through the mountain. Contact Jaimee Rondeau jaimeerondeau@gmail.com

SheJumps Vinyasa Yoga–Recap

Last Thursday, a rad group of ladies gathered for a Vinyasa yoga class at The Grinning Yogi, a yoga studio in Portland, Oregon. The evening had a strong focus on the need for community–for support, motivation and inspiration. This focus was felt as we moved and breathed aside one another, mat-to-mat.

After the yoga practice, we mingled over Happy Mountain Kombucha and all left feeling uplifted and empowered.

Happy Mountain Kombucha

Happy Mountain Kombucha

Thank you to all who attended and to our partners, The Grinning Yogi and Happy Mountain Kombucha.

Announcing our Winter Partners

SheJumps is gearing up for a fully action packed winter 2018 with events ranging from International Women’s Ski and Snowboard Day’s to a slew of avalanche safety and backcountry events, to learn to wax your gear clinics and more! We’re grateful and stoked to announce our winter  partners. Look for sweet prizes, swag and gear at our events and this holiday season, we encourage you to support the companies that support SheJumps. If you’d like to become a Winter Partner with SheJumps, contact Tracy at tracy@shejumps.org

COOLA suncare


Winter outdoor adventures can get ruined if you get a sun-burn. Girraficorns know that taking care of her skin is just as important as being in the outdoors. For the travelers, this winter we’ll be raffling organic skin and suncare travel kits at selected events. We love COOLA’s natural ingredients and farm to face practices and hope you will to.

Coalition Snow


“When we consider what organizations have made the biggest impact for women and girls in the outdoors, She Jumps naturally rises to the top. We’re proud to support the work and further the mission of an organization that is so closely aligned with our own values as a company.” ~ Jen Gurecki, CEO of Coalition Snow

About Coalition Snow
Coalition Snow is pioneering the future of adventure and lifestyle as the world’s first company specializing in skis and snowboards designed by women, for women. We believe that women shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to equipment design, they should be at the forefront of it. We make equipment that bottles the freedom and joy of the perfect powder day or park lap in every ski and snowboard we design. And women choose Coalition Snow because their passions of playing hard in the mountains run as deep as their desire to deconstruct the status quo. We’re breaking down walls, staking our claim, making our own rules, and carving out our place in this world, and we want you to join us. Learn more at www.coalitionsnow.com.

Darn Tough

Shireen Marshall putting on the boots for antoher day of ski touring from

Our mission is simple. Create the world’s best socks and stand behind them unconditionally. We live and breathe in stitches per inch, seamless toes and cross stretch. While some companies are sock marketers, we are, first and foremost, sock makers. If our socks aren’t the most comfortable, durable and best fitting socks you’ve ever owned, we’ll replace them free of charge, for life, no strings attached. That’s what we deliver.

We partner with She Jumps because we not only believe in their mission, but we believe in how they participate and interact with communities. SheJumps has such a diverse group of women and girls doing powerful work that we truly appreciate and value. www.darntough.com

Deuter Packs

Deuter Packs

Lady shredders who want to hit the backcountry this winter, whether snowshoeing, hiking, or skinning will want to make sure to pack their essential layers and safety equipment. Deuter packs has donated alpine touring packs for our raffles- We hope you win!

Deuter has been making packs since 1898. Even from the beginning, the company was built on technical function, precise fit, and passion for being in the wilderness. We’ve been making women’s packs for decades and believe in celebrating differences in women’s fit. Just as functional, just as radical, but with a fit that’s designed for women. Cheers to that! www.deuter.com

Hestra Gloves


Hestra Gloves is a family-owned company that was started in 1936. In the beginning, with the help of his family, Martin Magunusson produced gloves for the local lumberjacks. He used the best leathers he could find. Over 80 years later, the technical possibilities are greater, but Martin’s legacy lives on – warm, durable gloves made of the finest leathers.

Today, we make gloves for snow sports, mountaineering, biking, golf, dress, work, and gardening. Great care is taken in designing our women’s styles to specifically to fit a women’s hand. For us, gloves will always be a craft. www.hestragloves.com

Mountain Khakis


We are having a hard time picking our favorite Mountain Khakis items – from adventure ready sweaters, to jackets and cute beanies, to a wide array of adventure lifestyle wear. Lucky for us, we don’t have to! Mountain Khakis is donating $75 gift cards to 15 events this winter.

“As the MK brand has evolved, so has the need to get everyone is comfortable and functional outdoor apparel. With this said, MK is proud to partner with SheJumps to help women and girls get outside! Education, knowledge and adventure are key functions of this partnership and we look forward to helping these folks reach their highest potential through the outdoors.” www.mountainkhakis.com


ORTOVOX is supporting 15 of our Avalanche Safety courses by sending a lucky lady home with an Ortovox Prob and Shovel. ORTOVOX believes in safety first. As a pioneer in avalanche equipment, we believe in education, safety, and the best gear. ORTOVOX also believes in friendship, doing good onto others, and having fun! From the Smart Antenna in our beacons to our brightly colored wool mountainwear, ORTOVOX will keep you safe out there. Voice of the mountains! www.ortovox.com



Skhoop is the original skirt company, designed in Sweden, our skirt story began in 1999.  Since then,  we have grown from a business run out of our garage to selling Skhoop in 12 countries around the world! We are a women owned and operated business and are proud of the success our small company has seen over the years, a testament that you can do anything if you put your mind to it! Our skirts are intended to keep women warm (and looking stylish!) while out enjoying the beautiful outdoors- whether that is walking your dog or climbing the highest peak in North America, we want to be along for all of your adventures!

We are proud to be supporting SheJumps and full heartedly stand behind their mission of getting more girls and women outdoors. Our best days are those that are spent outside with our friends, laughing and standing in awe of the magic of the mountains- we hope that SheJumps will empower you to seek out your best days in the mountains too! www.skhoop.us

Western Rise

Western Rise

“At Western Rise, we value the preservation of our public lands and outdoor education. We are pleased to support the efforts of She Jumps female-focused Outdoor education programs.” -Kelly Waters

Western Rise’s Kelly Watters was named by Outside Magazine as one of the coolest new small brands. We’re grateful for Kelly’s support in our raffle program this winter. All mountain-town girls appreciate that fact that quality layers keep her warm, happy and active.  Western Rise as donated 100$ gift cards at select events. www.westernrise.com

Wend Waxworks

WEND is very excited to support SheJumps as they provide wax clinics across the US for women to come together to share and gain knowledge of tuning their ski and snowboard equipment. We know that caring for your base, like caring for a sports car, requires a bit of work but can make your gear ride faster and last longer. A little TLC goes a long way! Get your winter wax on, ladies!

WEND produces a sophisticated line of Meadowfoam waxes including racing waxes, overlays, performance bars, pastes, and a full range of tuning shop waxes.  Our Meadowfoam Cleaner/Conditioner is the leader in the cleaning and conditioning categories and our key component in our highly effective waxing process.  These proprietary formulas are the result of extensive testing around the globe and in different snow types while working with a laboratory that has over 40 years of experience in developing performance snow wax for the world’s top ski & snowboard athletes – the fastest All-Natural Non-Fluoro Race waxes. www.wendwaxworks.com